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Microsoft Windows 8 gets on-board

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The very much discussed Microsoft Windows 8 operating system has finally comes on-board. Microsoft opened the curtain from Windows 8 operating system in its build developer’s conference in the month of September 2011. Microsoft Incorporation placed some lights on the new features and characteristics of its new operating system.

Windows 8 is considered to be the first operating system from Microsoft which is going to work on tablets from the start of its touch. The introduction of the new operating system will slowly capture the market of its existing windows 7 operating system.

Currently, Microsoft has made the beta version of the windows 8 operating system available which is specially designed for the developers. The developers will simply download and install the operating system without doing any kind of registration. It will be available as a freeware on the Microsoft’s website.

The most important feature of Windows 8 operating system is its ability to swap between the old and regular interface of Windows operating system to new touch-friendly metro style operating system. The applications have new style features such as contacts, email clients, calendaring tools, web browser and many such features. The encirclement of mobile computing devices like tablets sounds a little Redmond’s approach which is very different as compared to previous versions of the operating system.

According to Apple Incorporation, consumers want discreet devices that are designed to work on some explicit tasks. Because of this only the operating system that are designed for the computer or laptop that allows them to work on heavy duty computing processes. The operating systems that are required to use on iPads or tablets work on very light weight processing. Tablets or iPads are used simply for surfing the web or to read the e-book. They are not mean to operate high processing applications.

Since the launch of Windows 95 from Microsoft, it is considered to be the biggest change in the era of computer system that came 16 years ago. Microsoft brought a big change in the computer era and now it is trying to make a big change in the tablet era with the introduction of Windows 8 operating system. Though there are many operating systems developed by many developers for the tablets, Microsoft claimed that Windows 8 operating system is not going to be a copycat of other operating system.

The operating system was shown on the desktop system in the similar manner it will operate on the tablets. The details of the operating system were given for the two hours in the Microsoft’s builds conference. The development of Windows 8 operating system is considered to be answer to the broadening landscape. One of the biggest differences in the computing vision of Microsoft and Apple is going to create a different operating system which is going to be portable with the desktop operating system.

Microsoft windows 8 are the biggest development done by Microsoft Incorporation. From desktop to tablet operating system the change in the operating system will bring out more new technologies that will produce some new devices for its users.

UK Internet Service Provider List, Hardware Equipment and Charges as Of July 2011

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When you think of making use of internet the very first thing that comes in your mind is which ISP you should make use of. ISP is nothing but the companies that provide you access to the internet. None of the organisation owes the web, therefore the ISP provides with the paid service to people for connecting them to internet. There are few types through which the ISP can offer internet and they are through wireless broadband, cable, DSL, dialup, Fibre Optics and even satellite. Now it is necessary for you to understand these types before going for its selection. Let’s discuss something about these types.

  • Wireless Broadband: Wireless broadband is the technique that provides high-speed wireless internet access and data network access over a wide area.
  • Cable: Cable internet is the form of broadband internet access that makes use of cable television infrastructure.
  • DSL: DSL is said to be the family of technologies that provides you with digital data transmission over the wires of local telephone network
  • Dialup: Dialup is a form of internet access that makes use of facilities of public switch telephone network in order to establish a connection to the internet service provider through telephone lines.
  • Fibre Optics: Fibre Optics is the latest technology that is used to overcome all the problems of the ASDL broadband services and to provide you with hassle free superfast broadband connection.

 As we have discussed the different types of Internet services given by the providers lets now move towards the description of the various Internet Service Providers of UK.

The internet Service Providers across UK are categorised into four categories which are broadband, mobile, fibre optic and cable broadband.

A) Based on mobile phone internet access as well as mobile broadband service the various providers are described as follows:


Orange has established itself as the fastest growing companies of mobile communication. Orange is the major contributor in the UK economy. Orange has the most extensive 3G network consisting of four major mobile operators as well as has the largest integrated network. Orange covers around one million of fixed broadband customers. Orange is in continuation of expanding its HSDPA which is already on its high peak of rates up to 7.2 Mbps. Orange have not been considered to be good for the service provided to customers after sale.

Orange is on the way of targeting the middle range market as it believes that it is the biggest section of the market. The equipments that are used by the company to provide broadband services are USB modem along with a sim card. Orange changes its opinion as per the requirement of the users. Orange has personal as well as business both as their target market. They provide with different service as per their market target.

The different packages that are provided by Orange are explained as follows along with the detailed description of the price, installation charges, and fix charges.




Installation charges

Fix charges


Orange home max

6.50 per month dor first three months and then 17 pounds


No fix charges


Broadband and anytime calls

Pound 10 per month


No charges


Vodafone provides with mobile voice and data communication services in UK along with fixed-line and broadband services. Vodaphone provides you with various facilities at comfort of your home. It has a well -developed network and provides you with various different services as per your requirement. Vodaphone deals with mobile internet services which are provided to you in different packages as per your requirement. The major objectives of the company is simplifying communication, securing mobile data, introduction of new ways etc.

Vodafone has four major target market sectors that are personal, business, corporate and public sector. These sectors are provided with different packages as per the requirement of the user. There are different internet services provided by the company that are given in the form of smartphones, iPhones, and various other mobile devices. These devices can also be said as the equipment that is used to provide services. Following is the chart showing various packages provided by the company.



Installation charges

Fix charges


Blackberry internet solution

Pound 10 per month




Data only

Pound 18




Three consists of UK’s biggest 3G network which cover more than 97 per cent of the UK population. As a mobile network provider the first priority is to provide with various services to the customers for them to enjoy and value. They achieve their target by creating trust and confidence about them in their customers. Three provides you with different smart business choice. They provide with different packages of internet access for personal as well as business use. The equipment used by the company for providing broadband services is the USB modem and a sim card.

The target market for three is personal as well as business. They provide you with different internet services in your mobile as well as a way of mobile broadband services. The company has always been there for the support for their clients. The after sale service is the benefit most of the consumers getting from the company. Equipments on which the company provides the internet service are business phones, tablet, laptops, mobiles, iPhone, iPad etc. the different packages that are offered by the company are described in the following table.



Installation charges

Fix charges


Pay monthly

Pound 25 p.m.




Other pay monthly

Pound 21 p.m.




T-Mobile works for the customers want. Their main aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. They provide you with the network wherever you go. They along with their signal provide the signal of orange too. If at certain places you do not get T-Mobile network but you have a orange network then in such circumstances you can operate internet through orange network. T-Mobile provides you with various internet access services on your mobiles along with mobile broadband connection. They operate in both senses.

In case of mobile internet access you are able to access internet with activating the facility with your sim and in case of mobile broadband T-Mobile provides you with a USB, modem along with a sim card which you can attach with your laptops, PC’s etc. The company target both personal and business markets. The various packages provided by the company can be described in the following table.



Installation charges

Fix charges


Mobile broadband USB stick 620

Pound 10 p.m.




Mobile broadband USB stick 615

Pound 39.99



B) Now after talking about mobile broadband companies we move towards the home broadband companies. Following is the brief description of the companies providing Home Broadband services:


Sky broadband allows you to enjoy internet services very safely. All the guidelines are provided for the different types of set ups. You can easily set up your own connection by following these guidelines. The market target for sky is the personal sectors and sometimes in situation business sectors also. They provide you with following types of connections.

  • Wireless connection
  • Netgear wireless adaptor
  • Wired connection
  • Sky router

Now after giving the types of connections provided by the company we will talk about the equipments used by the company for the setup:

  • 1 sky wireless router
  • 1 wireless network setting card
  • 1 sky wireless router setting guide
  • 3 broadband microfilters
  • 1 get set CD
  • 1 power adaptor
  • 1 yellow Ethernet cable
  • 1 grey phone cable
  • 1 vertical stand.

The following table will provide you with the two service plan you can select.

Broadband Everyday Lite

Broadband Unlimited

Great for daily browsing and online shopping

  • Up to 20MB download speed
  • 2GB monthly usage allowance
  • Up to 1.3MB upload speed
  • Sky wireless router(worth pound 50)
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free three month trail McAfee internet security suite
  • Ready for sky anytime+ TV on demand, in line with your sky TV subscription
  • Price £ 5 per month(TV subscription required)
Perfect for downloading music and movies

  • Up to 20MB download speeds
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Up to 1.3MB upload speeds
  • Sky wireless router(worth £ 50)
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free 12 month trial of McAfee internet security suite
  • Price £ 12.5 per month (Sky TV subscription required else £ 15)

       C) There are various companies that provide you with all the four types of broadband services such as Home Broadband, Cable Broadband, Mobile broadband, Fibre optic broadband or may be combination of two, three etc. Such companies are described as follows:

1. PlusNet:

PlusNet targets both the business and personal market. PlusNet provides you with home broadband along with Fibre optic broadband services. With Fibre optic broadband services PlusNet is able to provide you with superfast speed during day as well as night. The equipments required to make use of a fibre optic connection is Netgear fibre wireless router, a BT modem and a socket gear. They provide you with engineers for setting up your connection.

For normal broadband service at your home they make use of a wireless router through which they create your connection. You also need to have a PlusNet or BT landline connection for the connection of the broadband. The prices offered by the company for their services vary as per their plan. The pricing of the broadband connection of PlusNet varies according to the area and this is described as follows.

PlusNet Value

PlusNet Extra

If you live in a low cost area then the connection costs £6.49 a month. If you live outside one of the specified areas then it costs £6.49 a month for the first three months, then £10.79 or £12.99 a month depending on where you live

If you live in a low cost area then the connection will cost you £11.49 a month. If you live outside one of the specified area then it costs £11.49 a month for the first three months, then £15.79 or £17.99 a month depending on where you live

Prices for the Fibre optic connection also varies as per the places where you live.

        New Customers

PlusNet Value Fibre

PlusNet Extra Fibre

If you live in a low cost area then the connection costs £16.4 a month. If you live outside one of the specified areas then it costs £16.4 a month for the first three months, then £22.99 a month

If you live in a low cost area then the connection will cost you £21.4 a month. If you live outside one of the specified area then it costs £21.4 a month for the first three months, and then 27.99 a month

        For existing customers: PlusNet value fibre and Extra Fibre cost you pound 10 extra above on the top of your usual subscription charge.


With TalkTalk you are provided with three types of services that are Business Broadband, home Broadband that is with phone and fibre optic broadband. TalkTalk have more business target in comparison with the personal market. TalkTalk provides you with quickest, simplest and fastest broadband services. You can make use of their speed checker facility to get to know about the speed you are working on. They provide you with wireless router that too free of cost to attach it to your PC’s at home.

With fibre optic you are provided with high performance broadband with speed of 40 Meg. They provide you with great value power. They provide you with all the sale services, installation and charge you with pound25 for the activation fee. The different service plans provided by the company are described as follows.

Essential broadband

Fibre Optic broadband

£3.25 per month for 12 months and then £6.50 per month and I does not include any installation charges.

£10 per month is the cheapest value you can get but it will charge you £25 for the activation


All the broadband options come along with the free access to unlimited Wi-Fi broadband at over 2.8 million public hotspots. You can access internet with all your devices such as your laptop, netbook, Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iTouch. BT provides you with various services of broadband. BT is said to be the fastest broadband service provider.

The different price packages provided by the company can be explained in the following table.

Broadband Package Speed Monthly usage limit Inclusive UK landline calls Special Offers Cost per month
Broadband and Anytime calls Up to20 MB download speed 10GB usage Anytime calls Free connection (for 4 months) £16 + line rental from £10
Broadband with evening and weekends calls Up to20 MB download speed 10GB usage Evening and weekends calls Free connection £14 £7/m for three months
More broadband and calls Up to20 MB download speed 40GB usage Weekend calls Free connection £18£7.50/m for three months
More Broadband and Callswith superfast BT Infinity broadband Up to 40MB download speed and up to 2Mb upload speed 40GB usage Weekend calls Free connection(3 months) £18Free for 3 months
Unlimited Broadband and calls (18 months contract) Up to20 MB download speed Unlimited usage Anytime calls Free connection £28 where £20/m for three months


Virgin is the company that provides you with all the different types of broadband services from mobile to home to cable and to fibre optic. The company aims to provide you with the best services at best prices. Virgin deals in personal as well as business market. The main focus today is given on the fibre optic source of connection by the company as this technology helps you to get the fastest internet service. Virgin mobile deals in every sector of market.

The company provides you with three types speed as follows:

  • Medium: fast and reliable up to 2MB fibre optic broadband that is perfect for people who require internet for browsing and mails.
  • Large: up to 10MB fibre optic broadband which is just the extra speed required for the downloading and uploading.
  • Extra-large: this provides with the speed of 20MB of the fibre optic service and this is just to increase your fun for downloading things in faster way.

The different packages provided by the company are as follows:·

  • 10MB - £6.25 for 6 months
  • 30MB - £9.25 for 6 months
  • 50MB - £12.50 for 6 months
  • 100MB - £17.50 for 6 months

After giving brief detail of all the companies above it becomes quite tough to select which of the company in such case the following table will help you to get the price quotations of different companies where you will be able to get to know which one is good for you.

PRODUCT Essentials Value BB+E&W More Broadband and calls (40GB) Unlimited + Freetime L BB + L Phone
SPEED Up to 24MB Up to 20MB Up to 20MB Up to 20MB Up to 30MB
BB USAGE ALLOWANCE 40 GB 10 GB 40 GB Unlimited Unlimited
MONTHLY £21.10 £21.47 £34.90 £22.75 £31.40
CONNECTION FEE £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
18 MONTH TOTAL £340.80 £354.50 £596.70 £351.00 £524.70


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