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Information Products Launch: Hewlett Packard’s suite of data and information management products Data Recovery Products

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Data Recovery London

Multinational IT bigwig Hewlett-Packard (HP) released their upgraded suite of information management products targeted at simplifying and effectively managing information.

HP Solutions director Vikram K told reporters that these products would bring holistic approach to information management. That would enable companies to harness information power for better decision making. It would also help to deliver correct information to appropriate users at the right time.

New products include HP Information Management Services, TRIM records management, Data Protector and Data Protector Reporter, Integrated Archive Platform and VIAP for virtual environments, Storage Essentials and HP Database Archiving.

Lets look at some of the data recovery processes that are available for effective recovery of data.

Kernel Software Data Recovery

Data gets deleted, damaged or corrupted due to many reasons, these reasons can be natural calamities, individual errors, software errors, and virus attack and hardware break down. More than half the time, data loss occurs due to hard ware failures, in such cases complete shut down of the system can be very useful in saving the data stored.

Kernel is known to be the pioneer in the data recovery software industry, with years of hard work, dedication and thorough professionalism, they have received much deserved acclaim. Kernel data recovery system is known to have a huge range of data recovery software, they are known to specialize in Hard disk recovery, Windows data recovery, Linux data recovery, Mac data recovery, Novell Netware recovery, Unix data recovery etc.

In the year 2006, Kernel launched –Deleted files Recovery Software. This software was known to recover deleted files or misplaced data from FATS and NFTS operating systems. Their QFSCI software has known to retrieve all kinds of deleted data from the hard disk. Towards the end of 2006, Kernel had launched various and high performance data recovery software’s as follows-

• Kernel Exchange OST Recoveryv4.04.03- this was known to check and solve small issues of emails.
• Kernel Recovery for Solaris SPARC v 4.01- This software was used to recover data from UFS file system.
• Kernel Recovery for SCO Open server v4.01- this software was operative in recovering corrupted files from the HTFS, EAFS file system
• Kernel Recovery for Outlook PST Repair v4.04.01- this software was another father in the cap for Kernel, as it helps in restoring corrupted emails or accidentally deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook.
• Kernel Exchange OST Recovery v5.01- this updated software was helpful recover emails and fix minor virus problems.
• In 2007 Kernel further updated their data recovery software’s to a better and more technical version like-
• Kernel Recovery for Access v7.06.02
• Kernel Recovery for Access v07.06.03
• Kernel Recovery for SQL v7.07.01
• Kernel Recovery for SQL v7.07.01
• In 2008, Kernel updated their software for recovering inaccessible data as well as highly corrupted files, the data recovery software’s are as follows-
• Kernel Recovery for Exchange Server Recoveryv8.01.01
• Kernel Lotus Notes to Outlook Version 8.03.01
• Updated Version of Kernel BKF 8.05.01
• Kernel for Outlook Express Updated Version 8.11.01
• Kernel for Notes Contacts to Outlook Version 8.12.01
• Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook Updated version 8.12.01
• Kernel Range for Open Office- this range of software was mainly for repairing the damaged or corrupted files.

These are some of the recent advancements and technologies related to this field, many more are still struggling to overcome this issue completely. Use of latest Data Recovery Services launched by HP would give you an edge in building sustainable and secure businesses.

The On Time Help from Computer Data Recovery Specialist

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Computer data recovery specialist

You save data on your computer. That data classifies as personal, official, confidential and so on. All this stored data is equally important for accessing when wanted. Any type and amount of data loss can create havoc. Such loss of data can occur anytime. Due to virus entry in software is one of the common reasons in data loss. The computer data recovery specialist knows all such small and big causes harming the data loss. They are techno savvy and have knowledge and tools to repair the damage.

The data can be lost because of number of issues. To name some, incidences of fire or water, hardware crash, data corruption, drive accessibility denial, drive booting problem, file deleted by unknown reasons and many more. If the corrupted or lost data is not recovered, the working with that particular file comes to standstill. It is a must to retrieve such data urgently. The computer data recovery specialist understands the situation by asking you the questions as how and when you lost the data.

The data lost from hard drive requires trained and experienced hand to reinstate the same. The recovery professionals are enough authoritative in this area. The computer data recovery specialist is technically proficient who fixes the problem and recovers the files using his special skills. They offer their services for revival of Hard Disk Drives, Desk Tops, Laptops, iPods, USB Ports, Digital Camera Media and all external devices like this.

The data lost can create huge damage to your business if lost. Hence, it is wise to hire the services of authorized professionals for this purpose. There is a well known source in UK for these recoveries Save My System. The proficient service providers like Save My System are available online. You can communicate with them online to inform the details of your problem. Also you can ask for the quotation of their services and the time required for reinstating the computer. This computer data recovery specialist charges the fees if they are in a position to recover your crashed computer; after they have found out the root cause technically.

You can call your nearest computer data recovery specialist for the help you are looking ahead. You can remember the tips shared by these proficient to prevent your computer from such chaos situation in future. One of such tips is if you hear any cranky and continuous sound from your PC, you may shut it down first. And call the expert instantly, informing the situation.

Whenever, you contact a computer computer data recovery specialist
, always remember to take his instructions above everything else. Don’t try to experiment with software and hardware alike. That may lead to complications. The data recovery process is slow. Have patience. And please give full control of your device to the expert. Don’t question about his approach or method. He has the experience and skills to recover data from a corrupt machine. Provide him with all details that you think may have caused the data to go corrupt or bad.

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