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Promote your business with social media

Twitter It!

social media marketing services

If you are running a small business and not subscribed to the social media network platform, time is of the essense, get on board today, otherwise you will be left out, your business will be left out. Today, social media users are talking about your organization despite of your likings. If you fail to have a dialog with people, there are more chances of losing your customers. So, it is very important to for your business to be part of the social media networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Some of the social media strategies are being discussed as follow:

    • Evaluate your resources: The very first action you should take before you start getting involved in social media marketing is to understand what products and services you want to endorse. Before you start with online marketing, you should know who are going to be your targeting! What resources you have to promote your products and services! In the traditional marketing, it is possible to promote the business in local market which will not attract more customers than what social media marketing can attract. Business can shoot up easily with social media marketing.
    • Register your business on social media: There are many social media networking sites available over the internet where you can register your business for the purpose of online marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the few of the most used social media networks currently used on the internet. You can create your own business page on Facebook. It is important for the user to understand the rules that are required to design the business page. It will help your small business to grow over the network in short time period.
    • Search for a manager to manage your network: When you are going to register your business over multiple social media networks it is not possible to manage all the networks at one time. It is not necessary to actually recruit a manager to manage them. You can use online social media managers such as HootSuite to manage your online accounts. With the help of these online managers you can schedule your message postings and track the updates available over the business page on the social sites.
    • Post updates: The business page should contain some content that will be seen by users who follows your business. It should be made available before you start adding friends and followers over the networks. Provide important information about your organization, post pictures, videos that will encourage people to connect with your business.
    • Find your target audience: You should start finding people who have similar interests to that of your business. Twitter and Google+ is the easiest network to find people with similar interest. You should add or follow few users at a time; otherwise it can lead your business page to spam.

The first priority of the business is to build relationship with people rather than running behind your service or product. Following the above tips will help to promote your small business to all corners of the internet and attract the targeted customers to your business.

Twitter for business

Twitter It!

Social Media Marketing Services

A-Basic Of Twitter

1- What is twitter?

A micro-blogging website that allows people to receive as well as send text based post which has the word limit of 140 characters. The text-based posts are known as tweets and more than 200 million users are registered on it. Looking at the quantity of tweets it is also known as “SMS of internet”. Millions of people, businesses as well as organizations around the world use Twitter as a base for sending messages to the people around the world. Twitter is considered to be the most reached social media network and as a social network, it revolves around the principle of followers. When you start to follow any of the twitter users the tweets posted by the user on your twitter page in the sequential order. There are chances that mix tweets will appear on your main screen if you are going to follow multiple users. The micro-blogging website is a powerful real time communication network on which one can easily write messages and can be accessible by everyone.

2- Twitter Glossary:

There are different features present in twitter that can be used by the twitter users during posting the tweets.

    • Mention is one of the feature in which you can mention a tweet in the name of the twitter user. With the help of @symbol you can tweet the message and it will be displayed in the main page of the person to whom you are mentioning the message.
    • Retweet is the feature through which you can easily share the tweets written by other twitter users.
    • Another feature that can help you to send a private tweet is the Message feature. You can send a private message to twitter user who is already following you. This will help to build a good communication between the two twitter users.
    • To categorize your tweets you can use # symbol and then mention your message. When one clicks on the hash tags the user can get directed to the similar themed tweets.

Today twitter has been vastly used by number of internet users around the globe which is the best way to spread the message to the audience over internet.

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3- Best Practices:

With Twitter you are able to build your following, reputation as well as trust of customers with the help of following simple practices:

    • Share: This helps you to share photos and behind the scene you provide with your companies information. You can even provide with the glimpse of developing projects as well as events.
    • Listen: keep monitoring the comments regarding your company, brand as well as products.
    • Ask: Ask questions to your follower in order to collect valuable visions and show that you are listening.
    • Respond: Give response to compliments as well as feedback in real time.
    • Reward: The updates on special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals are produced by tweets.
    • Establish wider leadership as well as know-how: Give reference to articles and links that show better picture related to your business.

4- Twitter on move:

Most of the Twitter is greatly facilitated by mobile phones. There are features that can help you to tweet or simply encourage your customers in order to read your tweets.

    • Fast follower: This is considered as a simple way of getting information that they care about in real time which is a way to follow your account from phone without signing up.
    • Notifications: Twitter users can elect the option of receiving text message update when you tweet your account from a computer or from a phone. Mobile notifications are said to be a great way of promoting exclusive content or coupons.
    • Tweet wherever you go: Tweeting on the go will help you in staying connected to your followers from anywhere you go.

B- Twitter Optimizes Business Activity

1- Growth in Community:

Twitter allows growth of all business whether small or big. With Twitter you are able to get connected with different people and at the same time you can make use of the most of the services provided by it.

2- Widgets and Resources of Twitter:

There are many resources that are provided by Twitter to help you spread the word about your Twitter account. Let people know about your business services with the help of follow us button on the Twitter profile of yours. This also helps you to keep your customers engage in your business by providing them the latest updates of your business.

    • Follow Buttons: Make promotions for your Twitter so that it becomes easy for people to follow you directly from the website. This will help you in making progress for your company products as well as services.
    • Tweet Button: Make addition of tweet button to your website so that visitors can easily share their content with you.
    • Twitter logos as well as Icons: Similar to Tweet button twitter also provides you with twitter logos as well as icons. With this also the customers will be able to share content with you. With the conversational interaction of customers over Twitter

3- Case Studies:

Twitter is currently made into use for various business deals and some of the operations that are dealt can be explained as follows.

a- Best Buy:

It is the option provided by twitter that can be a resource for customers outside their experience in the stores. The company has developed a new way of getting connected with the visitors in order to provide them with real-time customer service.

    • Strategies of Twitter for Instant Connections: The Geek squad tech support services which are members of the blue shirt. The twitter user can ask questions directly to them by mentioning @twelpforce and the employees of the best buy will provide with the effective solution to your query. Around 40000 successful queries have been solved till date by best buy.
    • EARLY TWEETS: Provide customers with some of the value so that they can engage themselves into the conversation and welcome the purchase as well as support cycle. Twitter makes people get involved with the business as they set them apart from the competitors by sharing knowledge on demand. With the conversational interaction of customers through Twitter the company try to humanize the entire organisation. Twitter makes the employee more authentic, transparent as well as produces most of them onto the tablet.

b- Etsy:

Etsy is an online marketplace where the handmade goods are produced for buying and selling as well as hotspots for over 400,000 sellers. With the help of their Etsy account they are able to share tips and tricks but also highlight products that are interesting from seller in their marketplace.

    • Observe your Community with Twitter Strategy: Etsy joined Twitter in the year 2007 and in the early days of its service they were unsure of how to make best use of their account. Later on they came out with the powerful ways to promote their handmade items in their shops. By an observation on the Tweets given by the follower they came to know how better they can make use of Twitter for their promotion.

c- JetBlue:

JetBlue was one of the first major brands that joined Twitter in the year of 2007. Today, the company consists of more than millions of followers and its site is also cited as an example for the smart corporate tweeting. The company started with the Twitter with the diffident goals. It was in a way to help customers.

    • Observe your Community with Twitter Strategy: Etsy joined Twitter in the year 2007 and in the early days of its service they were unsure of how to make best use of their account. Later on they came out with the powerful ways to promote their handmade items in their shops. By an observation on the Tweets given by the follower they came to know how better they can make use of Twitter for their promotion.
    • Water Testing: The Company came to know more of the travel problems customers were facing from the tweet due to which they started getting solutions for it. So the company came up with the idea to open an account with Twitter so that they can build up communication with the clients to overcome with the problems and promote their business. They came to know that creating business through any site takes time therefore they started building the relation with the customers through Twitter account. Gradual growth in the company came out to be just what JetBlue wanted from Twitter. The company came to know what exactly works and what not. With the help of customer service option provided by the company they were able to get a huge amount of response as well as followers.
    • Being Accessible: From this experience the company started being receptive in the form that they will accept what customers want from them. They started working with the response they got from their followers in other words customers.

4- API Integration:

Twitter consists of a diverse developer community that make use of API in order to create all types of neat applications. As API is an advanced feature it allows you to take advantage of the robust features of Twitter which helps you to create a richer consumer experience. For example, making use of Tweet button allow people to tweet in whatever they are interested when they come across your site.

C- Promotion of Products

There are certain kind of products produces by Twitter that are describes as follows:

1- Start with Advertisement:

This helps you to start your journey with the most attractive and innovative advertisements on internet. The site provides you with three options.

    • Promoted Tweets
    • Promoted Trends
    • Promoted Accounts

2- Promoted Tweets:

Promoted Tweets are said to be the new form of unique advertisement that allows the company to speak to the user who do not follow the account. Promoted Tweets are the regular tweets which are enlarged to the wider audience. When you make promotion of your tweet the user will be able to see it when they search for one of the keywords that are attaches with the tweet.

3- Promoted Trends:

Every day Twitter is able to host vast as well as viral conversations that capture some of the hot topics of the moment. Promoted trend is an exclusive opportunity that features a trend in relation to your business on top of this trend list. When a user click on the trend they are moved over the conversation for the trend along with the promoted Tweets pegged on top of the timeline.

4- Promoted Accounts:

Promoted accounts are developed to charge your ability to attract new followers on Twitter. If you are planning to start with your business or if you are on a plan to promote your product then you are at the right place of promotion. Twitter builds a strong base for your followers to interact with you and get in conversion being a customer. Twitter helps you to share your content as well as intensify your message to the public that makes all difference.

5- Analytics:

Advertisers are provided by two types of analytics in the world of Twitter. They provide with in-depth insight in both paid as well as unpaid activity on Twitter. One is the Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts Dashboard and the other is the timeline activity.

    • The promoted tweets, trends and accounts dashboard display the fundamental metrics of your campaign, impressions, Retweets, clicks, replies as well as follows as they happen.
    • The timeline activity gives an invaluable as well as all surrounding that look at your activity on Twitter.

The entire information provided by the article is all the benefits given by Twitter. Twitter is said to be the best way to make followers aware of the business carried out by you as well as with various special offers that you currently promote. Twitter provides with networking opportunity. With the help of Twitter you can find followers in the same geographical region as well as potential new clients or partners. It also helps you to learn about the events as well as activities that take place in your own locality. Twitter is the whole world of information.

Twitter is about people and not just business. You may make use of Twitter for marketing of your business but at the same time it is a networking site where people come together for conversations. Your tweets can be a mix of your interests along with the marketing of your products and services. Twitter can be beneficial for business also and not just for promotional purpose. Twitter will help you to get engage with people which may be rewarding and ultimately a successful experience.

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