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Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Hacked

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Identity theft has become a growing crime in the US. People steal your identity and use it for their own good. It is now even easier for thieves to steal your identity using different kinds of methods from your facebook profile to sending a malware to your PC. Here are some ways to protect your computer from such hackers.

Always keep your computer secured when you connect to the internet. There might be instances that you will have your computer infected by a virus that will help enable criminals to access your computer from afar and steal your credit card number. By having a tight security software installed, you keep that from happening.

Computer and software companies usually give out current updates to these software so make sure you keep them updated and purchase legal ones to ensure they work properly.

Important records should be stored in a folder protected by a password or it should be encrypted. Windows will allow you to create a folder and put a password on it. Make sure you use varying combinations of numbers and letters to keep security tight.

Spam messages are usually the gateway for identity theft. Most of the time, hackers will send you a random email and when you open it, it instantly hacks your profile. Clear all spam emails by enabling spam filters.

Safeguard your laptop by turning them off when you are not using it. Always bring your laptop with you wherever you go especially if it is loaded with personal and financial information.

When you are connected to a wireless network, make sure that all security features on your laptop is up and running or you might end up giving up your personal info to hackers and use them against you.

Do not write down your password to help you be reminded of it. You might accidentally lose your copy and might find its way into the wrong hands. As much as possible, memorize your password or you can make your own password from familiar situations or numbers.

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