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573 minutes long life ASUS EeePC 1000HE commentary

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From 7-inch screen EeePC 701, to 8.9-inch screen and then to the EeePC 900 products 10-inch screen, after several upgrades, the ASUS Internet consider temporarily lock the screen at a more reasonable 10 inches, as many users as reflected in the 10-inch screen can provide the ultimate Internet portability vision but also ensures a good experience.

Appearance, the ASUS EeePC 1000HE with EeePC 1000H is not very different from their predecessors, are still used on the roof of the Crystal Fashion Yang Cai drilling technology, airframe around the edges of the inclined arc of the use of treatment, the pearl white color of the body all the more smooth, natural, like a piece of it after polishing precious stones, illuminated on the screen cap, so that eye-catching body more beautiful.

After the start many of my friends found that boot keys light emitting blue light, virtually for Products to add a mysterious and beautiful, even in dark environment it will not be under the glare .

Audio acquisition machine two holes placed in the bottom of the screen separately, the benefits of doing so are better able to receive the audio signal. With the previous-generation products are different, EeePC 1000HE not use three-dimensional design of the extension of LOGO, As to who would look better benevolent see benevolence are unwise wise man see things in the past.

Taken together, the appearance of new EeePC 1000H with no significant difference too, but some details have been re-modified. Please do not worry, however, as a new, EeePC 1000HE must focus on improving the design is not limited.

Although the layout of the computer interface more reasonable, but did not give us new products bring more surprises, such as wireless networks or ExpressCard slot design of this switch does not appear in the new, the overall performance of the computer interface in the regulation of the layout from.

ASUS EeePC 1000HE suspended the use of a white keyboard, keycap fonts clear and greatly enhance the flavor of fashion products, but also the use of the Internet the first time this design. It feel like? After a trial, we think the market vis--vis the mainstream of Internet marketing in this example, the quality of the keyboard of the machine can be said to be one of the best, and its bond length is 17.5mm, the near full-size standard keyboard (full size 19mm) Another key process control in place also, to a certain extent can reduce the long period of time due to fatigue caused by typing.

Introduction End Super Hybrid Engine, the following let us on the EeePC 1000HE endurance test, by contrast, we know that the two models of the old and the new battery the same size, the former 6-cell 8700mAh using lithium batteries, which battery capacity of 6600mAh .

Test program: Open the Bluetooth module, open the wireless module, the screen brightness moderate at Auto Mode mode BatteryMark test software, this set is closer to our day-to-day use of the environment, test results show that the life time of 7 hours 3 minutes (423 minutes), and its predecessors ASUS EeePC 1000H for 4 hours and 5 minutes (245 minutes).

Of course, if you want to get more life, you can turn off Bluetooth module, and then turn off the wireless module, and finally put the screen brightness to the lowest Power Saving Mode at mode using the machine, after test results showed that the ASUS life near the official claim that the "long-lasting 9.5 hours of electricity."

Test results show that regardless of ASUS EeePC 1000HE or are actually used in the ideal state of life has a good capacity, at least in the current version of the mainstream of the Internet, none, of the results to our satisfaction.

Hardware configuration, the latest release of Intel's Atom N280 undoubtedly become one of the highlights of this machine. In "Atom N270 + GME945 chip set," to occupy the mainstream of the Internet in this market for a long period of time, Intel announced in the near future the new processor family - Atom N280. It can be said, N280 is the arrival of their special significance, it indicates that GMA 4000 onboard display chip GN40 platform just around the corner, but also a symbol of the Internet of the future will be the development of high-definition (Media Netbook). Is no exaggeration to say that it is the Intel 2009 in the Internet market in this one critical piece.

Everest from the CPUID of us can clearly see that the Intel Atom N280 processor using 45nm process technology, package consistent with the N270, with 1.66GHz frequency, 512KB secondary cache and 667MHz front side bus, power remained at 2.5W level (the core code for the Diamondville). In addition, we see that the instruction set is relatively N270 did not progress, but support for both GN40 platform GME945 with the characteristics of so many companies eager.

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