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A Recent Threat Discovered: Kneber Botnet

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If you do use the Web, or if you're a computer expert, a major concern is how problematic are viruses infecting PC system via the Internet those days. So those viruses are of major concern due to the fact they are stealing people's personal infos. That includes some popular ones like malware ones, or those related to social networks, or those that are financially related problems. One of the most recent threats infected over 75 thousands computers belonging to around 2,500 organizations from around the world, including those belonging to social networks. This threat (called Kneber Botnet) will get personal infos about people like their username and passwords of some social networks. Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook are the ones reported so far. Check here Kneber Botnet Removal to learn how to remove Kneber Botnet.

Once the information is gathered it is sent to hackers that use it for illicit purposes. It was a few months ago, in January, that Kneber Botnet was reported during some routine check for viruses. It was the first time this virus was reported and it was difficult to find it because most antivirus product will simply not detect it as something dangerous. This virus is also known as Kneber Botnet Invisible. Main reason being Kneber Botnet will look "invisible" when being scanned by those social networks looking for any threats. So this threat will trick lots of PC users besides getting usernames and passwords. This website Computer Repair is a great online service dedicated to fix any problems on your computer.

The first time this threat started spreading itself on social networks, it used an email having Kneber in its name so the virus was named after that. Since it did start to infect computer system, this threat stole thousands of personal details (usernames / password) from lots of people. To get more money from computer users (using frauduntly the infos stolen) and to market products/services with Kneber Botnet are the main purposes of this threat. While some think that the virus is used by a small group of individuals, research revealed the fact that although the authors are not known, there is an entire network involved in illicit marketing campaigns.

Kneber Botnet is popular because instead of being oriented towards stealing financial information, it steals social networks related information. Since social networks are becoming popular everyday. There is no wonder Kneber Botnet was able to steal lots of username and password from many computer users besides spreading itself so easily. The moment you are using any of those social networks, be aware of such a threat given that for now, there is no easy way to detect this virus on a large scale.

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