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Computer Equipment Repair

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Computer Repair, Computer Equipment Repair

An integral part of everyday life at home, work, school, and nearly everywhere else, computers are used everywhere since the last decade. The use of computers and corresponding dependence on it has created demand for computer specialists who maintain and support the systems as well as equipment. Computer equipment repair is very crucial to keep the system running smoothly without failing.

Computer equipment repair can be very expensive and frustrating as well, as some equipments are rarely available, out of stock or cannot be replaced without affecting the whole system. Computer equipment repair centers provide contracts with different levels of service, which includes guaranteed response time, computer maintenance on a scheduled basis and computer virus testing and elimination. Technicians are sent to the client’s offices or homes to make routine repairs or pick up equipment and have it repaired at the technical laboratory. Such technicians who actually carry out the computer equipment repair are called field technicians. Computer equipment repair centers sometimes substitute the equipment till the original equipment is repaired so the work does not suffer. The technicians who work in the laboratory repair stores are called bench technicians. In small companies, Computer equipment repair technicians may work both in repair shops and at customer locations.

omputer equipment repair technicians primarily perform hands-on repair, maintenance, and installation of computers and related equipment on service mainframe, server, and personal computers; printers; and auxiliary computer equipment. Computer equipment repair personnel use a variety of tools for diagnostic tests and repair. Multimeters are used to make various measures in voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical properties to identify the malfunction. The computer equipment repair technician also uses signal generators to create test signals; and oscilloscopes to monitor the equipment signals. To diagnose the malfunction in computerized equipment, the computer equipment repair technician uses software programs. The technician uses hand tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers, soldering irons, and wrenches to repair or adjust the equipment.

The computer equipment repair technician has the responsibility of diagnosing the malfunction, correcting it at the site or taking it to the company’s repair laboratory, substituting the non-working equipment, and re-installing and ensuring that the problem has been eliminated. Because the computer system networks are essential for many organizations to function efficiently, the computer equipment repair technicians often work around the clock, especially when the organization is not functioning so that the effect of the repair is minimized. Their schedules may include evening, weekend, and holiday shifts.

Sometimes the computer equipment repair center replaces the system instead of repairing them. Replacement commonly happens when the subsystems are inexpensive or when the organization is reluctant to lose business and time for the repair when the system is shut down. Usually replaced are video cards that create the signals within the computer, network cards, that manages the signals over a network, and data-storing devices such as hard drives. Bench technicians are handed the modules or the defective equipment and they try to repair the problem in the Computer equipment repair center, in which there is specialized diagnostic equipment available. Computer equipment repair technicians are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of ATMs, office machine and cash register services, and they are automatically alerted when malfunctions happen.

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  1. A very good story about usefulness of our computer. This story also consists of computer maintenance. Thanks for sharing with us.

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