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Computer Repair And Maintenance – Self Help Tips For Home And Work

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Reboot Your Machine: Over half of the support issues that we receive calls on can be solved by rebooting your computer or restarting your printer.

Update Your Software: Software Updates dont just solve security problems; they can often times improve performance and fix software bugs. Make sure to regularly visit the websites of your favorite software vendors to make sure that you have the latest patches for the software you use most often. For Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office®, be sure to check Windows Update and the Microsoft Office update website.

Keep Your Equipment Clean: Dirt and dust buildup on your computers fans can reduce your computers ability to keep cool, resulting in hardware failures. Be sure to clean these areas out with compressed air on a regular basis to help avoid costly repairs.

Check Your Connections: If youve suddenly lost the use of your keyboard, the monitor stopped working, or you cant see your iPod in iTunes, double check all of your connections. The best way to do this is shut the machine down, unplug each of your devices, and reconnect each cable to make sure you have a solid connection.

Backup Your Data: Have a solid plan for regular backup of critical data. Depending on how irreplaceable your pictures, tax documents or personal files are, consultation with a professional may be needed to make sure you have a sufficient plan to safeguard these items from not only viruses, but household disasters such as fires and floods.

Still having PC or MAC Problems?

If you are located in Michigan, turn to Vision Computer Solutions for 24/7 help via our online support

Author, Chris Slocumb is the Director of Marketing for Vision Computer Solutions - a Michigan IT consulting firm based in Northville, MI. Founded in 1995, Vision Computer. PC Computer Repair.


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