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Enjoy The Free Trial Of Microsoft Windows 7

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Windows 7 Support

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is getting more and more popular. The reason for this is the kind of features, it is providing to the end users. The features like simple network connection, movie creating made easy, sharing the information is much simpler, security features are evolved. These features are making it a big hit in the software market. One of the best things is that it is very easy to upgrade a PC to latest version of Windows 7.

PCs that have Windows 7 as the Operating System, has a feature of high end built in the Ultimate edition. This feature is called Windows Anytime Upgrade allows the end users buy code and new features can be unlocked. This procedure hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes. There is news that Microsoft has extended its 90 days free trial program till the 31 Dec 2010. Owing to the public demand this trial program has been extended. It means that people interested in this have time till 31 Dec 2010 to download and assess the functions.

This trial offer is available only for the enterprise with 250 plus machines. The intention of this free trial offer is to give IT people an opportunity to assess this recent OS of Microsoft on the software and test this upgraded version to their existing software.

As a result of this, an opportunity is provided to get more familiar with the important improvements. The IT people who will get this version of Windows 7 enterprise will receive the final release to manufacturing (RTM), in format either 32 bit or 64 bit. No separate product key is needed as the one is in the download itself. After the completion of the trial period, it is mandatory for companies to remove the OS and if chosen to continue, they have to buy it. The companies wanting support during the trial period can link to TechNet Windows 7 forums.

There are many Windows 7 users and they are very much satisfied with the OS, so far. They said the Operating System made a great impression in the market. However Forrester's made a survey to find that the statistics with the Operating System is not so good with 48 percent of users are waiting for the new PC for getting Windows 7. 43 percent of people do not wish to replace their existing Windows XP and the rest were not willing to change their Operating System and move to Windows 7. In this crowd, only 18 percent people received recommendations for Windows 7. However, this extension of the trial period may add some more people to the fan list of Windows 7.

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