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Get to Know about Exam 920-805

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With the ever rising demand for skilled man-power and optimal resources, the software and networking companies around the globe are always designing and upgrading the certification exams in order to properly evaluate and examine the knowledge of its learners and users. In such endeavor, Nortel has introduced the Data Networking Technology Certification, also known as 920-805 test.

Nortel previously known as the Northern Telecom Limited is one of the biggest IT Company having interest in the field of telecommunications, software and networking. This company is based in Canada, with locations around the globe. This certification tests and acknowledges the skills set of a potential candidate in the field of Data Network Technology.

DNT studies the inter-relation flanked by the transmission and transfer of data and the network which is supporting the whole process. As the amount of data and information is increasing within the association, the need for a faster response system and foolproof technology is growing day by day. This technology comes in where the traditional network system has failed to deliver the expected performance in the said domain. Companies are in fact, increasing the overall spending in the development of this technology, as this is the only way out for an optimal utilization of resources and secured gateway to information.

This certification personally examines the knowledge and know-how level of a potential candidate regarding the standards and protocols which are actually associated with the planning, designing and deploying of the DNT technology.

The subsequent topics are broadly covered in this certification:

1. Ethernet Standards

2. Ethernet: Switching and Resiliency

3. Internet Protocol: Fundamentals and Applications

4. Internet Protocol: Routing and Configuration in the actual network

5. Troubleshooting: Ethernet and Internet and Transfer Protocol

Once a candidate clears this assessment, he is called the Nortel Certified Technology Specialist or NCTS. This requirement is sufficient to get into some of the biggest names in the software and network manufacturing.

I’ll recommend to use 920-805 practice exam guide OR 920-805 exam pdf with selftest engine software training tool developed by Exams Expert with money back guarantee incase you fail in exam.

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