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Glance at Various Operating Systems

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Operating system is a crucial part of any computer. It acts as an interface between the hardware and the user. It is responsible for the coordination of activities.

Microsoft Windows- Recently, Microsoft released Windows 7 as their latest OS.  It is in big boom today and all tech savvy people are enjoying great features of this OS. Microsoft Windows have some limitations while using it. It is used for web servers and data base servers. In past few years, Microsoft conducted marketing to show that Windows is able to run any enterprise application. The most widely used version is Windows XP.

Unix- This OS was invented by AT & T at Bell Labs initially. UNIX term is used to explain any OS that attain UNIX standards.  The term UNIX-like is used for large operating systems, which match original UNIX. Unix-like systems run on a wide range of architectures. Usually, servers in business, academic and engineering environments use these kinds of operating systems.

Mac OS- Mac OS was invented by Apple Inc. It is a graphical user interface operating system introduced in 1984. Initial versions were only compatible with Motorola based Macintoshes. Now, it has surpassed and compatible with both Power PC and Intel processors.

Online OS- Besides, above Operating Systems, some online Operating Systems depend on the browser. This means, whenever you close the web browser, the system disappears. Glid, OOS and web are some examples of online Operating systems.

Linux- As far as performance and security is concerned; Linux is the most popular OS. Linux cited as a best example of open source and free software. We all are aware of pros and cons of every OS. All data recovery related issues can be dealt with Linux data recovery software. It is capable to obtain data from formatted drives also. It has a feature to obtain data from physical disk or any removable media.

First, Linux is a standard operating system and compatible with any software. Many people stay in wrong notion that they would find difficult to work with Linux or find software that will run on Linux. Being open source software, it s very economical OS, if you program your own software. For enterprise, Linux serves as a central server. You can handle your own web pages and email. Any bug issue is resolved in few hours and not months or years like other operating systems. To maintain Linux, no need of reboot frequently. Normally, Linux is not affected with bugs as compared to other operating systems. Functionally, Linux always have upper hand due to its multi-tasking nature. No licensing feed required to upgrade Linux. Lastly, you can install Windows and Linux together on your computer. Over all, Linux scores ten on ten.

To get further assistance about different operating systems, data recovery or computer repairs, you can take aid of Save My System. For further details you can visit our London computer support service site.

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