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Top 5 most popular Bios Manufacturers

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Let’s first understand what BIOS is. BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) are an electronic set of instructions that a computer uses to successfully start operating. The BIOS is located on a chip inside of the computer and is designed in a way that protects it from disk failure.

A main task of the BIOS is to give instructions for the power-on self test (POST). This self test ensures that the computer has all of the essential parts and functionality needed to successfully start itself, such as use of memory, a keyboard and other parts. If errors are detected during the test, the BIOS instruct the computer to give a code that reveals the problem. Error codes are typically a series of beeps heard shortly after startup.

Computer users can often make certain adjustments to the BIOS through a configuration screen on the computer. The setup screen is typically accessed with a special key sequence during the first moments of startup. This setup screen often allows users to change the order in which drives are accessed during startup and control the functionality of a number of critical devices. Features vary among individual BIOS versions.

Here is a list of top 5 most popular bios Manufacturers:

 AMI (American Megatrends, Inc.)
 Phoenix Technologies
 Dell
 Gateway

Many PC manufacturers today use flash-memory cards to hold BIOS information. This allows users to update the BIOS version on computers after a vendor releases an update. This system was designed to solve problems with the original BIOS or to add new functionality. Users can periodically check for updated BIOS versions, as some vendors release a dozen or more updates over the course of a product's lifetime.

Many motherboard manufacturer often issue BIOS updates to fix bugs, minor enhancements, support for newer processors (CPU) and RAM. Many people end screwing up their computer’s motherboard because they don’t take proper precautions when flashing their motherboard’s BIOS. Remember most motherboard manufacturers do not offer warranty for bad flash.

Tips to prevent bad BIOS flash (Motherboard):

 Check your Power Supply before you start flashing
 Correctly identify your motherboard model and current BIOS version
 Close unnecessary programs when you flash within Windows
 When flashing in DOS mode prefer USB flash drive instead of a Floppy
 Scan your USB flash disk or Floppy disk for errors or bad sectors before flashing
 Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before flashing
 If you use UPS make sure that its battery has got enough juice.

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