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How does vista compare to linux OS?

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Vista is useful as well as quite disheartening. So in order to compare Vista with the other operating system, here are some of the short comings of vista over linux and mac OS.

  • Vista introduces a new variant of the SMB protocol
  • Need significant hardware upgrades
  • No anti-virus bundled with Vista
  • Many third party applications still not supported
  • Machine better have a truck load of Memory - somewhere around 2 GB. (Linux works flawlessly with just 128 MB... even less).
  • Too many Vista editions.
  • Need product activation. (Now that is something you will never see in Linux).
  • Vista OS will take over 10 GB of hard disk space. (With Linux you have a lot of flexibility with respect to the size of the distribution.).
  • Backing up the desktop will take up a lot of space. (Not so in Linux)
  • No must have reasons to buy Vista. (The fact that Linux is Free is reason enough to opt for it)
  • Is significantly different from Windows XP and so there is a learning curve. (Switching to Linux also involves some learning curve but then it is worth it as it doesn't cost you much and in the long run, you have a lot to gain).
  • You'd better come to terms with the cost of Vista - it is really exorbitant running to over $300. (In price, Vista can't beat Linux which is free as in beer and Freedom).
  • Hardware vendors are taking their own time to provide support for Vista.(Now a days, more and more hardware vendors are providing support for Linux).
  • Vista's backup application is more limited than Windows XP's. (Linux has a rich set of backup options and every one of them is free).
  • No VoIP or other communication applications built in. (Skype, Ekiga... the list goes on in Linux).
  • Lacks intelligence and forces users to approve the use of many native applications, such as a task scheduler or disk defragmenter. (Linux is flexible to a fault).
  • Buried controls - requiring a half a dozen mouse clicks. (Some window managers in Linux also have this problem but then here too, you have a variety of choice to suit your tastes).
  • Installation can take hours, upgrades even more. (Barring upgrades, installation of Linux will take atmost 45 minutes. Upgrades will take a little longer).

Despite all these short comings, there is 1 bottom line. Vista is the most popular OS. Save my system ltd offers all kinds of computer repair services as well as pc support and computer support services. We undertake PC support, OS support and perform it in a professional, competent and efficient manner..

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