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How Switching To a Mac Can Save You Countless Productive Hours

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Whether you are an expert computer user or not, you have probably been burned by your computer in the past. For some a computer virus could have wiped out your hard drive, or completely taken control of your web browser. For others, you might have been running an application only to have it crash and lose your data. So what is the solution?

There is a solution to many of the common computer problems: switch to an Apple computer. Although Apple and Microsoft have always competed for the personal computer marketshare, today things have changed. Where once someone with a Windows-based computer would never think twice of switching over, now people are switching in droves.

Why the sudden shift? There are many factors for this change. First off, the Macintosh operating system has been redesigned from the ground up and is now a more stable and effective operating system. With Mac OS X, users have a lot less to worry about: no viruses, no trojans, and no crashes. What more could a user want? For more please visit computer training

Apple delivers more: a seamless integration between hardware and software. When you buy a PC and install Windows, chances are that you are installing the operating system on a set of hardware that was never really fully tested together. Different combinations of plug and play hardware are what causes Windows to crash time and time again.

On the other hand, with an Apple computer, you get the operating system that was tested with the hardware ahead of time. Did you ever wonder why Apple sells the hardware with the software? It's because it allows the developers to test their software on the different hardware configurations before shipping the product. PCs come in too many varieties to be tested fully. For more please visit computer training

Plus, Apple delivers all the applications you need to get your work done, and have fun doing it. On a Windows machine, you get the basic Microsoft Office suite of applications. Now, you can get the same suite of applications for your Mac as well.

et, Apple offers applications that you can't get on Windows: the iLife set of applications. These programs make your life easier because they organize and import all your digital photos, they play your music, they let you import home movies, and create DVDs right from your computer.

What's more is that Apple does most of the work in the background, and leaves you to focus on the most important decisions. Developers and computer wizards used to pride themselves on knowing the internals of their windows machines. Today that's changing, as people realize they have better things to do than spend all their time at a computer terminal, when they could go out and enjoy life.

That's exactly what switching to a Mac can do for your productivity. Your computer will let you be as productive as you can, by getting out of your way. So that you can get back to living your life to the fullest! For more please visit computer training courses

9 Responses to “How Switching To a Mac Can Save You Countless Productive Hours”

  1. Conspirama says:

    How Switching To a Mac Can Save You Countless Productive Hours ……

    Whether you are an expert computer user or not, you have probably been burned by your computer in the past. For some a computer virus could have wiped out your hard drive, or completely taken control of your web browser….

  2. Tony says:

    >> no viruses, no trojans, and no crashes.

    Hmmm I wouldn’t be so sure about ‘No Trojans’ – in fact there are some trojans that effect even the latest version of Mac OS. This been said, macs are far, far more safe than their windows counterparts, and the only time you risk getting a trojan is if you download from dodgey sources.

  3. Brian M says:

    well, there are a handful of trojans, most of them related to the “MacCinema” fake video codec that then hijacks the DNS servers.

    overall though, yes, if it wasn’t for hardware failures (mostly moving part stuff like fans, optical drives, and hard drives) the Mac repair people would be more like Maytag repair people.

  4. dd says:

    Good article, but Macs can get trojans. Since trojans require user intervention (read: entering your username and password), it’s nothing more than a social engineering scheme.

    Since 2001, NO “protection,” and PLENTY of online banking, there have been ZERO problems. I know of NOT one Windows user who can claim the same (though the anecdotes will come pouring in of Windows users who have never needed anti-virus software).

  5. Dave says:

    I can vouch for this! Integration is getting better and better. To the point that I don’t even think between applications. I know many folks don’t want to hear this but “Macs just work.”

    I have 11 years of experience with over 20 systems and not one has been hit by a virus. I do all the maintenance myself. I will not say that I have been 100% trouble free… but when I compare my story with Windows users in similar businesses… there is NO COMPARISON. Macs even last longer. I tend to retire computers quickly 4-5 years after purchase and I always have employees waiting in line to take home an old Mac.

  6. bg says:

    you are exactly right. so many hours have i spent
    decluttering my pc and it never seems to run better. when i work on a mac . i actually use my computer , its fun. oh by the way windows should be a vista service pack. but since so many of you will pay for what is essentially a vista update . we will
    charge you .

  7. Neil Anderson says:

    The Mac gets out of your way so you can get your work done.

  8. Alphaman says:

    Spot on, mate. I’m an IT pro, myself. I’ve been using Windows since the mid ’80s, and switched to the Mac last year because my last XP Pro laptop was dying. I had the option of going with Vista or Mac OS X, and I opted for the latter.

    It’s a robust, BSD UNIX-based operating system. It’s made to do all the grunt work behind the scenes, so the user doesn’t have to. OS integrity checks, defragging, file system protections, log file management — all that stuff happens with ZERO user interaction on a regular basis. Backups are an invisibly transparent snap with Time Machine.

    You can focus on productivity, and the computer becomes just a tool to get YOUR work done, not Microsoft’s.

  9. dd says:

    I did leave a comment yesterday, but it was deleted.
    I merely pointed out the flaw in your one comment – no trojans for Mac.

    Trojans do exist for Mac, albeit in a pretty small number. The reason trojans aren’t that big of a threat is that they require an admin username and password for installation. Therefore, trojans can be easily avoided by avoiding pirate sites and attempting to download stuff (mainly software, since software might require an installation).

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