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How to customize you Windows XP?

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With windows XP, you can do many things with it. You can change the look and feel in a lot of ways. You have your computer set up—now make your system look and sound the way you want.

Some of the popular customizations options available in Windows XP are:

==> Change your monitor resolution
==> Work with shortcuts
==> Change the sounds Windows XP makes
==> Increase the clarity of your screen image
==> Set up accessibility features
==> Set up your screen saver
==> Customize your Start menu
==> Customize how your mouse input looks and behaves.
==> Change your toolbars
==> Use Windows in "Classic view"
==> Organize and clean up your desktop icons
==> Change the way the menus in Windows XP look and function.

How to Customize Your Windows XP Desktop:
You can make your Windows XP computer screen look cool and work for you. Just follow the simple steps.

==> First turn on your computer and log in if you have not already done so.
==> Confirm yourself that the mouse isn't over any icons or tool bars on your screen, and then right click. A menu will appear. Move your cursor down over "Properties" and click once.
==> Next, a window named "Display Properties" will appear. Go to the second to last tab: "Appearance".
==> Now if you like the bars on your screen rounded, go down to "Color Scheme" to change tool bars and window borders to a predefined theme's colors.
==> Choose your option: If you move down to "Font Size", you can change how big the text is.
==> Choose the best colour: If you want to change any of the colors, click "Advanced".
==> The boxes shown will be squared, in the old Windows style, but don't worry. If there is any color you want to change, click on the item and chose the colour(s) you would like.
==> Play with the colours. To change the colours, scroll through the different colours until you find the one that you like, and then select it. You can customize the colours as much as you like if the "Windows Classic" option is selected. However, you cannot change the colours in Windows XP style.
==> Choose the best font. To change the appearance of text, click on some text in the preview window, and change the size, boldness, underlining, font, and colour.
==> If you like boxes that are squared at the edges, go back to "Appearance", open the scroll box "Windows and Buttons", and select "Windows Classic Style".
==> You can choose from even more themes.
==> After you have chosen a theme, you can follow the steps above to change colours and sizes.

The above tips work only for Windows XP and do not apply to Windows Vista.

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