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Know More About File SafetyPC

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Since a while, computer users have been under attack, more and more, by various viruses that are spreading over the Internet via Trojans. Such viruses are part of the spyware category. These viruses are very dangerous and not easy to deal with. Not only that they are very hard to be removed, but they are not easy to be identified on the computer either. SafetyPC is one of those viruses. It is a spyware that will infect the computers of end-users and claims it is protecting your PC from viruses, worms, and more. When you want some online help with removing such a threat, check here Computer Repair Service.

This malware (SafetyPC) will easily trick you: once it has compromised a computer system, it will then do a fake system scan of it, so it will gain your trust even more. Rather this application will not check viruses, Trojans, and such threats. It will create totally new files on your system besides deleting good ones from any security related programs you do have installed so far. It then asks the users to purchase the full version of SafetyPC for the large number of viruses found during the scan (which don’t even exist) to be removed. Lots of computer's users will think their system has so many viruses that they will actually purchase the full (and fake) version of this program hoping to really get some protection. To remove spyware from your PC, this site Top Spyware Removers has lots of infos about the best spyware remover.

If you want to know if a PC has been compromised by SafetyPC, or anything similar, here are a few signs to check after:

- Your PC system will perform slower than usually
- Problems when trying to visit various websites – this virus will modify the settings of your web browsers so you will be redirected to hacked sites
- You will get lots of popups and commercial ads so you won't be able to function correctly with your PC

When it comes to SafetyPC or any other fake anti virus tool you need to keep in mind to never pay the money for the “full versions” of these programs. Also, regarding its removal, you should choose to use an automatic tool instead of the manual removal process so that you won’t do more damages to the computer than the malicious application already did.

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