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A big concern for anyone using the Internet (and for experts too) is how many viruses and such are infecting computers every day. One of the essential problems is related to personal information theft and besides financial scams and rogue anti spyware, viruses related to social networks are also more and more popular. A given malware did infect recently over 75,000 computers part of nearly 2500 organizations (and of many social networks) all over the world in the last weeks. This virus (it is officially called Kneber Botnet) is trying to get PC users infos such as their username/password to some online social networks, the ones affected are Yahoo, Facebook and Hotmail. Check here Kneber Botnet Removal to learn how to remove Kneber Botnet.

Once done, Kneber Botnet will send all that infos to the cybercriminals that will use them for illicit activities. The first time this threat was reported was in January during a routine check. The problem was that usual security programs won't detect this threat. Another name for this threat is "Kneber Botnet Invisible". Because it will become invisible to the various virus detection methods used by those social networks. Computer users are then simply tricked by this virus and they will give out their username/password without thinking twice. This website Computer Repair is a great online service dedicated to fix any problems on your computer.

The name of the virus comes from the email address first used to promote the “invisible detector” program. Thousands of people gave away their login/password to this threat since it has appeared over the Internet. This threat was created by hackers to make more money the moment they do have your personal infos (username and password) on hands besides doing criminal marketing for some products and services. While some think that the virus is used by a small group of individuals, research revealed the fact that although the authors are not known, there is an entire network involved in illicit marketing campaigns.

Because it does not steal money directly (it will steal personal infos on social networks), this virus is quite popular. As more and more people use these Internet social networks, there is no wonder that the virus was able to spread to a large extent and to steal many personal details. The moment you are using any of those social networks, be aware of such a threat given that for now, there is no easy way to detect this virus on a large scale.

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