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The new imedia Linux consist of new feature that is suitable for all new modules. It provides modern and user-friendly GUI environment that can be change easily by the user. Imedia Linux is using the new file manager that is mostly suitable for office and Text Editors. iMedia Linux comes with a number of lightweight, but full equipped of useful word processor and text editors like abiword, leafpad or beaver program suitable for a wide variety of document processing tasks and PDF file format.

Imedia Linux consists of fully new integrated configuration and settings. It is an open Source Technologies, which offer new Linux features. The purpose of a Linux distribution is to deliver a Linux-based operating environment with a useful set of applications in a single, well-integrated package. Red Hats offering is divided amongst the community-supported Fedora Core and annual-subscription-priced Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Whilst some corporate users need applications that are accessible only for Windows, there are in general high-quality Linux alternatives obtainable.

In general, Linux OS consists of the three layers that are User land, System land and kernel. Linux is a very well known multi-users as well as multi-tasking Operating system. Further, Single Linux OS offer services for over one user at any instance either remotely or locally. For the basic security features, Linux also feature password verification, security auditing and file system discretionary access control. By expanding the basic standard security features Linux determines whether a user or group can access these assets on the basis of permissions allocated to them. File System Security a very true statement of a UNIX/Linux system, everything is a file; if something is not a file, it is a process. Whilst it is basically secure to say that the whole thing you encounter on a Linux system is a file, there are some exceptions as listed on Linux system every file is own by a user and a group user. Files without permissions do not exist on Linux. Linux-PAM offers a flexible means for validating users.

Using traditional methods, authentication of Linux users relied on the input of a password, which was check with the one, stored in /etc/passwd. Each UNIX system has a its own system function for creating new files, which is called each time when a user makes use of a program which creates new files, for example, while downloading a file from the Internet, or whilst saving a text document. All in all this is the best operating system with all new features. You can accomplish several tasks in easier and faster manner.

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