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I want to import CPT and ICD9 codes. Where can I get the Master CD's that I need?
The Office Suite version comes complete with all recent CPT and ICD-9 codes. You can also purchase the codes on CD. These CD's are sold separately from MDC.Yes, MDC can run on an office network. You will need one MDC Office Suite User License and one or more Additional MDC Office Suite Licenses. Our Total Package Systems provide everything necessary for MDC networking. Your office must be pre-wired for networking. In many cases, we can provide assistance in office wiring.

Can AmigoDoc be used in any medical practice?
AmigoDoc can be used in any medical practice. It finds its best value in situations where the doctor is treating a population of patients with long-standing conditions -- e.g., out-patient psychiatry, pain management, neurology, internal medicine, etc. -- where having an instantaneous longitudinal view of medication response is important.No, MyParamed of Utah is a client of MyParamed, Inc. MyParamed of Utah uses the MediPro Direct management tools to manage their independent medical company. We are an impartial software provider and make money as long as any provider exists. We provide the tools for any provider wanting to operate in a direct environment and do not direct business to any specific company except as required by location or request.

Can I have the Scheduler open while doing other tasks?
Yes. Any Window that you open can remain open while doing other tasks. You will also notice that information in background Windows will automatically update if the data is changed in another Window.We provide integrated RIS/PACS medical imaging and information management software solutions that automate workflow and eliminate the use of film in hospitals and clinics.

Which components of practice management does Walden Healthcare Solutions assume?
Walden Healthcare Solutions offers what we call 'turnkey management', in other words we set up the complete physical office space and all required equipment to start the business. We also hire staff, establish office policies, manage payroll and benefits, secure revenue cycle management and electronic medical record software, and perform all billing/collection functions. No.Utilize your practice management software (please note: we do not have a copy of your medical/dental software, and therefore please do not assume that we can answer questions regarding the operation of it.

Is MediPro Direct actually managing my exam?
a provider of networking and management tools, MediPro Direct is a software company, not a medical company. This means we neither manage nor control any portion of the exam process; all of that is done between the individual or company ordering the exam and the medical professional performing the exam.We're different because we give you complete control over the day-to-day management of each employee. Traditional offshore outsourcing providers are built to perform a specific business function, like payroll processing, medical transcription, or software development. Generally, they conduct all their recruitment and management activities completely independently of the client.

When I exit MDC, and I select Backup, where does my file get backed up to?
When exiting MDC, if you select backup, your MDC file is automatically backed up to the previous backup location. To change the location, manually select the File menu - Backup command.The demo program has all the features and functionality of the licensed MDC Office Suite program. The demo program will shutdown after 100 transactions or after 30 days, whichever comes first. Click here to compare the features of the Office Suite, Advanced, and Basic versions.MDC was written from scratch using Microsoft Visual C++.

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