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New division for cloud computing from Microsoft

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Hey! Great news for all! Microsoft has developed an innovative division for bringing its on-premises and cloud software development altogether to render a potent and reliable platform for all corporate customers.
The SCD (Server and Cloud Division) will be most important part of the Server and Tools business unit. It is nothing but a blend of the Windows Azure group and Windows Server and solutions group.

This can turn to be a milestone for the preliminary re-organization in aligning Microsoft's cloud and on-premises efforts from an organizational viewpoint. Microsoft released Azure at its Professional Developers Conference month before and will initiate to gather fees from those utilizing the cloud infrastructure starting in February 2010.

The Windows Azure development team has moved from Ray Ozzie who is chief software architect at Microsoft. Now Bob Muglia who is president of server and tools will direct it. Ray Ozzie will be involved in cloud strategy and services of fringes of Microsoft. Furthermore, he will be responsible for technical strategy and product architecture of the company. With an anticipated move, Microsoft has announced the Server and cloud division, which is a blend of the Windows Azure group with the Windows Server and Solutions group with a new organization.

This change in management reflects the proper alignment of our strategy with our resources. This depicts the natural evolution for Microsoft. There is quite big boom for Microsoft’s software plus services strategy that blends cloud services, cloud infrastructure like Sharepoint online, and Exchange online, on-premises software. The alignment brings together database development and server OS. In addition to this it is contributing to the system management and development tools software under the same roof.

Furthermore, Microsoft is making great efforts for bringing forward the reimbursement of unified global sales, marketing and engineering filed to Windows Azure. Together, Windows Azure, Windows Server, SQL Azure, SQL Server, System centre help and Visual Studio, customers will have an extended opportunity to include a prospect that will blend both cloud and on-premises solutions. Server and Cloud Division is playing key role in this effort.

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