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There is nothing worse then needing to get a word document done or an e-mail sent out and not being able to. Of course this will happen at the worst possible time for you.

Office 2007 errors and office 2003 errors are very common. Many times this happens when you install a newer version over an older one. You may find that after doing research on the issue or error code that it is not an easy fix and involves going into your computer registry.

If you suffer from office related issues then you should check out this Office 2000 repair site. These guys are the leading online computer repair company. Not only do they guarantee their work but they have a no fix no fee policy. I have personally used them before for my office 2007 issue and they resolved it right online and for a great price.

For those that want to try and repair the issue themselves you can always try to uninstall all versions of office and then reinstall it. This does resolve the issue sometimes but most of the time it does not. A free tool you can check out is the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This tool is rather simple to use and it’s free from the Microsoft website. This tool basically removes any files that the normal Windows add and remove program tool does not. However this still does not resolve the issue most of the time. If you are a do it yourselfer it is well worth a look.

The most common issue people have with office is setting up an outlook account. If you have issues many ISP’s offer step by step setup guides on their website. That is the best place to look for help on setting up your outlook account. Many ISP’s also offer free support for setting up outlook. They will not help to resolve other office related issues but can at least help setup your e-mail account.

If the above free tools did not work for you then you really should consider having this computer repair site repair office for you. The cost is low and you can have your issue fixed then and there.

It would be nice if office did not let you install a newer version over the older one. There is no reason to have the old version present and because it often causes issues they should at least warn you about installing the newer version over the old..

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