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Online Safety For Kids: A Short Guide

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Your children should be good using the Internet. This is important since lots of important information for everyone can be found over the Internet. Being able to use the web is an important skill.. Internet is a good way to socialize with others, besides your family or school friends or pair. It is known that the Internet has bad websites. If you own a computer, you know you can put on the Internet any content you want. So other people. Thus your family and children have a great risk of having access to inappropriate content. Such content might affect them and their social behaviour. I want to add some tips about protecting your children when they are accessing the Internet.

The first thing your children should know is to keep personal info for themselves. Things like passwords and home addresses should never be given out to anyone. Neither your children should agree to meet people they are talking to over the net. Carefully choose what websites your children are allowed to visit when they are browsing the Internet. This is a very important safety measure. Be sure that your kid knows what websites he/she is allowed to browse. Always be there when your child is using the Internet. Be sure to block webpages having detrimental content that might affect your child negatively in the future.

Spend as much time as you can with your child when he/ she navigates the Internet, so that you can see which are his/ her predominant activities and educate them into giving time to helpful purposes, not just wasting it on the Internet. Facts, knowledge, learning new things: this is what the Internet can positively bring to your kids. On the other hand, spending too much time on it can be a waste of time if you kids are not doing other chores.

Your children should always browse websites that you previously bookmarked for them. By creating a different and limited account that your child will use when browsing the internet, you are controling more what he/she will visit. Add to that filters in the browser to prevent your kids from accessing bad websites.

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  1. PC tech support says:

    The phrase caught my attention, ‘Being able to use the web is an important skill.. Internet is a good way to socialize with others, besides your family or school friends or pair.’ And I agree with this idea that is eventually true. Internet just as to be use in good ways is one of the most influential way that would bridge each one of us!

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