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Registry Cleaner and Windows Registry Editor Precautions

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If you've decided to clean your computer's registry and haven't read a regcure review yet, there are a few precautions to keep in mind before taking action. Your computer's registry is a critical pary of your system's software and any significant damage can easily render your computer unusable.

Without using the regcure registry cleaner or taking these precautions, you risk corrupting the entire system and rendering you computer useless. Before you clean your system's registry, take the following precautions:

1. Make sure you backup the registry.

This step is important because if you accidentally remove a registry file that is critical to your system's performance, you can easily restore it with the backup.

2. Hard Disk Imaging Backup

This is a proactive security measure that you should do in order to create an additional backup. When you simply backup the registry that is all you're backing up, nothing more.

3. A More Direct Point is to Set Up a System Restore Point

This is a direct way to create a backup of the entire system without the assistance of additional software. When this feature is used, you can rollback to a point when your system was working properly if you experience repeated system failure.

When you use a registry cleaner such as the , do a backup of the registry. This is critical and is very easy. It should take about 30 seconds.

Let's look at some precautions to take when using the Windows Registry editor.

If done properly, you can speed up your Windows PC by editing the Windows Registry. However, it you blithely change the entries in the registry, it's a recipe for disaster. There are numerous experts that offer some common sense tips that will help you make important changes without disappointment.

The following points will help you when editing the Windows Registry:

1. When the registry is edited, any changes that are made are immediately saved. If you happen to make a mistake, you can simply open a fresh copy and start over.

2. Backup your Registry before you go into edit, especially during your try first time.

3. A single branch of the registry can be backed up.

4. It's best to select all and backup the entire registry.

5. Name the backup file something you'll remember before saving it.

6. The Windows Registry editor does not pop up dialogs warning that what you're doing may be wrong. It means No warnings, no cautions.

7. It's possible delete a critical string and disable the computer. The Windows Registry editor will allow you do to this without making a peep.

8. Click File, then Export.

9. The Windows Registry editor does not have an "undo" function. When you delete something it's gone

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