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Ubuntu is based on the operating system Linux. Ubuntu desktop fulfills all the requirements of the user. Its latest version was launched in October 2009, which is Ubuntu 9.10. Ubuntu launches their versions in every six month. It can release their version after testing on two trials version such as alpha and beta version and then released the final version. The alpha is primary level and its improved form is beta. Ubuntu is easily available on their official site and it’s free of cost. You just have to download it in the system. The advantages of Ubuntu are secure system without DRM restrictions. It can work on the old hardware and most important thing, all software is free of charge.

The Ubuntu desktop includes features like graphics, internet, office, programming, sound and video and so on. Ubuntu supports graphics like GIMP Photoshop, F-spot i.e. personal photo management application. Internet browsers are like Mozila Fire fox, Opera, Evolution mail, Skype, Google Earth etc. In Ubuntu, office is inbuilt application, which was installed with the Ubuntu set up. The office contains word, which is called ‘OpenOffice Write’; excel i.e. OpenOffice, Calc and so on.

Sound and video are available in Ubuntu like M Player, Rhythm box Music Player and so on.  There are many in-built applications of Ubuntu that are installed with the Ubuntu set up and others can be freely downloaded from the internet. Only, we connect the internet after installation of Ubuntu and go to the Ubuntu updates, after the updates are updated. Its give the list or packages of the software, which we download from the net.

The installation process of the Ubuntu is very simple. Users can easily understand the process of Ubuntu installation in the system. After installation, one has to download the packages of the Ubuntu, which they need. Ubuntu supports minimum two desktop at a time, which makes work more efficient. We can increase the number of desktops and introduce some graphics, which attracts the user. Due to the inbuilt software in Ubuntu, the user has to install the software externally. Ubuntu has additional features like virtual toolbox, which can run the other operating system like windows in Ubuntu. It has many in built feature like Bluetooth, wireless network, grapping tool, remote desktop, terminal client server, etc.

In every six months, Ubuntu launches their updated version. This year Ubuntu will release the updated version on 30 April, 2010. This version will contain many changes in Ubuntu such as looks, features, graphic, compatibility, etc and also the company will announced that the next version will release after 2 year. Therefore, this version is referred as Long Term Support (LTS).

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