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What’s special in Windows 7?

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World invites every single product of Microsoft Inc Ltd. Each product arouses a curiosity among the professionals. So, when Windows 7 was launched it created same ripple among the technocrats. Earlier, many of the windows followers stated that it is a step ahead of its predecessor Vista. Nevertheless, Vista had proved to be a big flop as a complete solution to all the OS related concepts. So, why should one opt in for Windows 7?

Well, it is said to have certain adds-on features than its predecessor. Certain features, which are interesting, are its allowing ease at multitasking. The Pin and Jump List That allows you an easy access to your favorite applications or recently used applications. Another feature of Windows 7, which appeals, is Peek now, wherein you can see an iconic status of the minimized application in form of a thumbnail. Now it is easier to go through your in-line applications, rather than opening each and every application. So making it easier to toggle in between applications. The taskbar is not the only feature facilitating multi-tasking and quick work. The Startup menu is an add-on, too.

Another impressive feature is the ease of operating on the net. Windows 7 by default has the Internet Explorer 8, which is easier to handle. One can browse on multiple sites in one page. That is possible because of it tabular feature. So, though you have opened multiple pages, it is represented on the task bar by one page only the active one. So no more handling separate web pages when you can see multiple in one frame. Windows 7 allows the user to connect to internet connections available (just view, choose and connect)

Windows 7 has made it easier in identifying accessories and peripherals, and installing them .It is providing a help regarding the peripherals. So now, one can easily install peripherals and use them.

Mostly important feature, for Windows Xp user, of Windows 7 is that it supports softwares made only for Xp backend. One can use those applications in the Xp mode. These and many other features are now captivating the attention of newbie’s and technocrats.

To know more about window 7 and its features and updates you can log on to SaveMySystem or visit its Support services. SaveMySystem also contributes computer repairs.

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