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Why do you need computer security?

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Computers are an inseparable part of our lives today, life that has increasingly become technology driven. Besides work, we use computers for communicating, banking, entertainment, research – just to name a few. Besides hardware, security of the new-age machines is threatened by malicious software, viruses, Trojans etc. all designed to cripple a system. Loss of computer security leads to corruption or loss of data, misuse or theft of information, identity theft and unauthorized use of client information, transmission of computer viruses that can affect third parties and can lead to potential liability, services interruptions, security breaches at vital government installations that can threaten national safety. For corporate houses, loss of computer security can make vital difference in acquiring new work and sustaining current projects.

These are strong reasons to support the need for installing computer security systems. The first important requirement is licensed Anti-virus software. There are over 50,000 known viruses and 200 new viruses are discovered every month. The easiest method for spreading viruses is by e-mail attachments or instant messaging messages. Viruses can be disguised as greeting cards, funny images, or video and audio file attachments. The computer needs to get updated with latest threats and that is possible only with original computer security software as it gets automatically updated every time the machine goes online.

The next important requirement is Firewall Software. This enhances computer security by controlling communications from it, prevents unwanted accesses and is capable of blocking outgoing and incoming IP addresses.

Often computer security is compromised due to spyware that enters a machine by deceiving the user or through some software loopholes. Sometimes the user is tricked into unknowingly installing it or it piggybacks on desirable software. Hence, spyware removing software is a must in the computer security system.

A pop-up blocker is another important element in securing computers. Malicious attackers are likely to use pop-up windows that are concealed as special offers to set up a malicious code on a computer.

Besides all these installations it is important to ensure correct practises to ensure computer security when accessing the Internet. Never download email attachments from unknown persons, do not share your banking details and passwords with unknown people, do not click on links inside emails, for financial transactions - type in the URL each time on your browser and take care when sharing flash drives. These are just some additional measure to ensure computer security. Always buy licensed, original Operating System Software and Anti Virus Software. While there are cyber laws to help track and punish breaches in computer security, its better to be safe rather than sorry!

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