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Why Should You Delete Zeus Botnet From Your Computer

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Zeus is also the name of a bad program dedicated to steal your bank account details once it has infected your PC. This rogue program is a dangerous app. that has spread around the world because of hackers. There is even a Zeus Builder Toolkit which allows cyber criminals around the world to customize Zeus to provide any functions they want. If you do see names like PRG or WSNPoem, they all refer to Zeus. The following website Zeus Botnet Removal has lots of infos about Zeus Botnet.

Zeus Botnet normally reaches a user’s system via spam emails that are apparently from legitimate websites. Links included in those emails will lead you to different hacked websites. These sites will try to get from you personal infos. You will also be told to transfer some program. The program will eventually be one with some variant of the Zeus Botnet. It will then so get installed on your computer. Recently, social sites (like Facebook and MySpace) have become the new targets of many variants of that virus. These variants send messages to users of these social networking sites claiming that they need to download and install an ‘update tool’ to update their user profiles. This ‘update tool’ of course contains the variant of Zeus Botnet. Check here Remote Computer Repair for an online service that will help you clean your PC.

Once on your PC. this virus will wait until you connect yourself to the Internet. It will download a file containing a list of banks. It will try this way to get your personal infos. So the moment you do visit one of those banks, the virus will start recording whatever you will type on your keyboard. You might eventually find out that this virus has infected your IE/Firefox/Chrome also. The virus will add false fields to any web forms you might try to fill. The result will be you will give out more personal info to those cyber criminals. So this virus will send on a regular basis all that personal infos it has gathered about you to the hackers behind it.

As Zeus is a dangerous program that invades privacy, you should take measures to remove it as soon as you find a copy on your system. You should deep scan your personal computer using a good antivirus program able to detect Zeus Botnet.

However, due to the fact that manual removal of Zeus Botnet infections is also possible, it is recommended to take great care when following such a task. What you should do when trying to manually delete this threat is to stop its process and to delete its only file from your PC.

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