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Windows 7- Making it easier to manage the Devices

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Managing the devices is loads easier now. Windows 7 has simplified the trouble of checking out each device separately and managing them. The Windows 7 provides a device manager in the Control Panel. Now what does the Device manager do?

The device manager gives the user a graphical representation of all the accessories installed or attached to you PC. This is done using the Device driver (a computer program that communicates with all the external devices.)

Installing peripherals or hard wares is very much easy through the Device Manager. The device manager also updates the hardware devices drivers, modify their hardware settings, and troubleshoot problems. Now the device manager is programmed in such a way that it can help disable enable devices as per your need. It also can help you uninstall devices, which are no more required (Aiding better memory management).

This program also identifies the device by identifying the drivers that are loaded for each device. It also gets the basic information of each of the devices attached to your PC. The device manager can also resolve the clashes between the system and the devices. Not just that it can also check on the health and working of the device, if necessary one can change the devices settings and configurations. The device manager also allows the user to revert back to the earlier versions of the drivers.

As per the users will, the user can hide the devices if doesn’t want to view their status. These hidden devices can be made visible again. So the user can focus on the trouble shooting of the device. All this is possible because all the devices are treated as a single end point. All the external devices like webcams keyboards scanners and printers are considered to be one only.

The device manager comes with a plug and play property. The devices have an ID which is globally unique. The System identifies the ID, which could be given in by the manufacturer. If a device does not have an ID of its own then it is given one by windows there by facilitating the easy management of the peripherals.

We at SaveMySystem provide the current editions of Windows 7 and earlier OS Xp as well as OS Vista. For any updates about upcoming technologies kindly visit out OS update services.

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