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Windows XP support tools – Part I

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Windows XP Support Services UK

Windows XP uses the support of Windows support tool, to assist clients in analyzing identifying and helping resolve the problems faced by their desktops. Microsoft support personnel’s are the only authorized users for Windows XP support tools.

Installation of Windows XP support tools can be done only on desktops that are using Windows XP operating system. Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating systems cannot use the services of Windows XP support tools. Windows support tools are the concealed treasures of Windows XP they are useful in more than a 100 ways. The basic functions of these support tools is used in providing assistance in changing your settings, cleaning up of your desktop, solving problems related to troubleshooting, help in restoring of your systems data and a lot more that we are still naïve to.

Windows XP support tools can be found on the XP CD-ROM, which have to be installed by running the CD-ROM in your computer, these tools are never set by default.

Naming below are some of the most vital and performance oriented windows XP support tools-

Active Directory Administration Tool (ldp.exe) – This windows tool is efficient in connecting your Active directory to any other LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) or attuned directory. ldp.exe tool is used for storing the metadata, descriptor, replication metadata and some other objects in the active directory.

Windows Installer Cleanup (msicuu.exe)- this windows support tool is used in cleaning up the files installed in the windows. This tool is also very effective when the installation process fails to install. But these tools are only effective in functioning with files which are installed with windows not with the set up files on the desktop.

DHCP Server Locator(dhcploc.exe)- this tool is functional in finding or locating any unauthorized DHCP servers, and in case of locating one this tool activates a beep or an alert to the user.

Movetree (movetree.exe) – this command line program is used In moving domains and logon scripts of the Active directory.
Open Handles(oh.exe)- this tool is like an open tool used majority as an opening command for files, not only does this tool open files but also shows the process used In opening of the file.

Network Connectivity Tester (netdiag.exe)- this tool is used to investigate the network problems faced by the computer, netdiag.exe links you to the TCP/IP configurations of your network, network adapter, network protocols, network DNS server installed on your system.

There are a lot more services provided in Windows XP to make it a really powerful operating system. We will be covering them in upcoming articles. However, please note that with Windows 7, Microsoft has gone one step ahead and delivered a classy operating system considering web and business needs.

Scalability, Adaptability and Flexibility are a hallmark of this new operating system. So, it fits well into a stand alone PC or business server or web server or a high end computing machine. It comes in three versions for now. Starter for standalone PCs, while Business and Professional versions are for corporate uses. To get more information contact your nearest windows os dealer today!!

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