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Windows 7: The bright star on the operating system horizon…

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Windows 7 help and support

Windows 7 the most efficient windows operating system introduced by Microsoft, for its usage on desktops inclusive of home and commercial computers, laptops, Tablet Pc’s ECT. Windows 7 predecessor Windows vista was also an incremental upgraded operating system but it lacked in complete compatibility with all devices, drives, applications and hardware’s.

Windows 7 had been launched with various new features and upgrades than the earlier operating systems, it was upgraded with the touch and handwriting recognition, support and recognition of virtual hard disks, better performance of multi-core processors, better boot performance, Direct Access and kernel improvement. The control panel was loaded with many new files and features like clear type text turner, display color calibration wizard, Gadgets, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspaces centre, location and other sensors, credential manager, Biometric devices, System icons, and a new enhanced display feature.

Windows 7 would also include Internet Explorer 8 and windows media player 12 which would be definitely better upgraded files than the earlier ones along with these the newer addition to the list is the Windows media centre, windows search and windows gadget platform.

Windows 7 would also have an extremely versatile feature that would be the extended linguistic service, and its audio section would have nearly 13 new sounds and various updated display pictures and themes.

Being the most upgraded and to date complex technology it is bound to have some kind of discrepancies in performance and its clients can be forever in need of a Windows 7 help and support service to understand and be able to get customized with this new knowledge and system.

Windows 7 has its own well updated and quiet self explanatory help and support link this one stop service for complete information and help is the best suited for the clients of windows 7. Their support and help site is well set up with all the assistance required, from simple task to extremely complicated tasks. From setting up to getting started with windows 7 its support and help service has it all covered up.

Windows 7 help and support module also covers up all the below stated areas-
• Security and privacy settings
• Maintenance and better performance manual
• Networking and configuring devices and other desktops
• Internet usage and usage of the updated version of Explorer8
• Details on Emailing and other web using
• List and performance and usage information on files folders and library
• Point wise listing of setting up the printer and using the printing service effectively
• Updates on programs tools and games
• Clearly explained Directory on pictures and audio folders, as well as complete guide on the use and performance of CD’s, DVDs, TV connection.
• Information of your device customization
• Details on the hardware parts their safeguarding tips and issues related to them as well as answer to the problems if ever caused by the hardware.

Windows 7 comes in three versions: Starter, Professional and Enterprise depending on your needs. Starter version is for individuals and Professional and Enterprise versions are for corporates.

Get in touch with your nearest Windows dealer or support service for Windows 7 help and support today!!

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