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A Disaster Recovery Solution For Your Business

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When talking about a computer network, disaster recovery refers to the measures that are taken and planned for to ensure the quick recovery of IT infrastructure in the event of a hypothetical network disaster, and of course companies now rely almost completely on their IT. It ensure that a business can carry on during and after a big issue with the network.

Nowadays the computer systems are essential to a company's continued smooth running, and really now is as important to the economy as all businesses rely on IT more and more, so it is now more important than ever to make sure that these systems can be carry on working properly and be recovered.

Some of the larger companies will be spending around 5% of the IT department's budget on a disaster recovery strategy to make sure that even if there is a large breakdown in computer infrastructure, they can carry on working and will not actually lose the data that they have on there, one way of doing this is to make sure that you have a backup of the data somewhere else. There are some very scary figures regarding what happens to a company when they have a major loss of data - you will see 51% of them gone for good within 2 years, 43% are gone immediately and only a meagre 6% will actually carry on long into the future.

These figures give an indication of how big a problem it would be if there was a major disaster, and gives compelling reasons why it is such an important thing to make sure that there are measures in place to make sure it doesn't happen or if it does happen it can be dealt with, however much time and money it costs.

The two primary objectives for a business in recovery is knowing how long after IT services have gone down the business can carry on, and how quickly the recovery will happen after the decision has been made to enable the plan. The other objective is working out when exactly the data should be recovered. You can also use "MTO", which stands for maximum tolerable outage. This is how long the business can carry on running from the first moment the regular service is interrupted. The objectives have to be in line with a definitive requirement to the business, which can be found by using BIA, which stands for business impact analysis.

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