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Data Recovery – Avoiding The Nightmare

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The computer has become the powerhouse of modern business culture and we are now able to work and produce data at a pace that only 10 years or so ago would have seemed at the very least impossible and almost certainly unmanageable.

Sure storing every thing digitally does seem like a sensible idea and the ever increasing capacity of hard drives and network storage is encouraging this practice which is great until your hard drive or raid server suddenly ceases to function, so what then?

The potential problem is worse still if you have not implemented a sensible data back up solution then in some cases a business could have to close especially if the data is required by legislation to be held for a number of years as is becoming the case in many business sectors.

If you still have access to the internet on another computer at least you will be able to go online and find a data recovery expert or server specialist, however you do need to make sure you pick the right one.

Not all so called data recovery specialists have access to their own or group data recovery facilities and often they will be using software to try and recover the data without a great understanding of how it really works. Which in many cases can cause further degradation.

There is software available that can help with data recovery that some of the lets say less professional establishments will use. But the problem with these is that rather than doing a partial recovery of undamaged data first, which is essential. They will start the software application which in many instances can actually destroy what was recoverable already.

Where a data recovery company does not have dedicated and certified clean room facilitates you will need to ask where the drive will end up. If you are in the UK it may end up in America or even India somewhere.

If the drive will be repaired in a different country you really need to factor in the amount of time you are likely to be without your data, and if this is critical find a company that has local facilities.

Many business have time sensitive data, that is data that needs to be recovered quickly for example a prestigious contract or a lengthy proposal, so the amount of time you will be without your data is often critical.

Small and large business and even computer support companies seldom have the ability to perform their own recoveries.

This is almost certainly the case when it comes to failed raid arrays, raid data recovery is not without risks and many a support engineer has wished they had not attempted a re-build as they have ended up losing the entire company data.

Your data will could either be the life blood of your business or your most treasured and fond memories and quite simply choosing the wrong data recovery provider can prove an absolute nightmare. Make sure you do your homework..

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