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Online Backup Makes Your Data Safe

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The typical process of backing up computer data is almost like a form of insurance. It may seem too mundane or unnecessary to bother with, but when the disaster strikes, it may be too late. Many years ago, computer data backup software utilities and solutions included forms of external physical media such as CD's, zip drives, DVD's, external hard drives, tape drives, or automated software running on the computer itself.

If you're in the market for a backup solution, consider more modern broadband internet connections and affordable hard drive space to meet your online backup needs. Many online backup services offer plenty of additional space including disaster recovery. The advantage of these services is that the user doesn't need to purchase additional external storage, but rather continue paying for the service on an ongoing basis just like an internet service provider.

Another advantage is that the software client's footprint is often lighter and less taxing on one's computer than running a traditional backup program. One disadvantage, however, is that the speed of the backup process is limited to bandwidth, which can make large backups very time consuming compared to more traditional external physical media. The process may be interrupted by a failed internet connection.

Several of these services present at no cost trial, and charges launch at around five dollars monthly for a standard subscription, and go up to hundreds of dollars each year for ultimate subscriptions. Currently, existing storage space starts at one gigabyte, to unlimited space. Contrasting with external media, the user can basically purchase additional storage space as required.

Some services are tailored to the Windows operating system while others are more toward the Macintosh operating system. One can then expect the entire data restoration process to be much easier from certain services than others. Also, many online backup services have options for additional functionality such as photo sharing through online slide shows, file sharing, data encryption during uploading and downloading as well as the data storage itself.

As with all things, hard drives will eventually fail. Similarly, a thief could walk away with your computer and its contents. Additionally, through intent or accident, it is quite possible your drive could be reformatted, and the data lost. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to do systematic backups, and to check them periodically to ensure you have a recent copy of your information.

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