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Online Data Backup Services – Exceptional for Roaming Notebook User Backups

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One of the biggest difficulties of your small business back up and disaster recovery plan is co-ordinating the back-up of roaming laptop staff. Sales representatives, technicians and alike spend more time on the road than they generally do at the office where they have got access to network storage resources and internal backup solutions.

As a consequence of the characteristics of a roaming laptop user's laptop or computer practices and network access, laptop computers are definitely more prone to limited or comprehensive data loss in the result of laptop computer loss, theft or damage. A effective and trustworthy data back-up plan is necessary for these kinds of users to prevent loss of company critical data. This kind of random or irregular local network access can make it extremely tough for an IT manager to create a simple yet effective back up and disaster recovery solution.

Considering the introduction of DirectAccess Technologies in Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7, network resources are certainly more readily available and the majority of company data is retained in the central network. Even though this rectifies access to network storage resources, there is always localized crucial data saved on laptops that's not part of the shared network resources. This data still needs a frequent planned back up strategy.

Online data backup services would be the perfect solution to establish a simple yet effective back-up and disaster recovery plan for roaming notebook users. User's data will be backed up to the cloud at a set routine with the only prerequisite being an internet connection. Their information is subsequently located safely and securely within the cloud no matter where the roaming user is situated.

A cloud backup service provides for a centrally managed back-up solution which can be managed on-line along with hardly any remote access requirements to user's laptop computers. Backup schedules could be set in place and administered centrally with sufficient reporting for both end users and IT managers. With the feature sets offered by an excellent online data backup service, it is now attainable to run one single back up solution for the core company IT infrastructure in conjunction with the backup roaming user's notebooks, further simplifying the IT administration of back-up and disaster recovery operations.

Cloud Data Backup Services, including AUS-IP's SecurVault Pro make certain that business crucial data is stored securely within the cloud, while using the backend support of a reliable and feature abundant software suite. A cloud backup service equally removes the geographical restrictions of conventional on-site back-up systems. This enables organizations to put into action a reliable back-up and disaster recovery plan enabling end users in local, regional and/or world-wide locations to have their critical data backed up just as if they were connected to the companies core network facilities.

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