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Remote Data Backup Services – the real backup alternative

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Remote, offsite data backups have always been financially and logistically outside of reach for many small to medium enterprises (SME's). Restrictive reasons have invariably been the price of decent internet based data transfer rate, the affordability of dependable feature rich back-up software and also the utter price of offsite storage containers, whether it's inside of a data centre or another sort of offsite premises.

Aided by the development of online services and higher bandwidth internet connections becoming more affordable, offsite backups and other alike services have become offered to a wider variety of businesses. In the past these services were only feasible for large enterprise, educational organizations as well as government departments.

The wide growth of "Cloud Computing" resources and "Cloud Services" has cut down tremendously the fee for online storage space and bandwidth rates. The significant financial commitment in to these solutions and services by Cloud Computing Providers has also increased the availability and reliability of these types of services. Not so long ago, online storage containers and data transfer was billed by the megabyte. In today's arena of Cloud Computing, storage and data transfer is calculated and priced by the gigabyte and also at comparable costs compared to that which most people used to spend per megabyte.

Home and enterprise grade online connections have also improved somewhat. A regular business service in Australia at this time is providing download data transfer rates at and well greater than 8Mbps and additionally download inclusions starting somewhere within 50 and 100Gb. Eventhough Australia's online national infrastructure is out dated matched against various other locations around the world, it's still progressed adequately to make Cloud Computing Services practicable for all SME's.

An extra major discouraging factor of online data backup services for SME's, has been the expense and availability of backup software. Until recently only pricy and difficult software programs had been on the market. These choices are not only found pricy to buy, but the annual maintenance and IT infrastructure set up charges are also somewhat expensive. Several very reasonably priced, feature rich and intuitive solutions can be found in today's world of cloud computing, which will give the much larger enterprise software package companies a significantly needed shakeup. Such more cost-effective alternatives available on the market are solid, adaptable, secure and user-friendly. The products are undoubtedly providing features of the same quality and in most cases much better than those offered by the enterprise level software programs.

With online data backup services becoming a great deal more affordable in today's IT world, lots of enterprises are actually making use of cloud backup service providers rather than old fashioned on-site back-up strategies. SME's are benefiting from reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) of online data backup services compared to conventional onsite back-up solutions.

Here are just a few of the significant features of an online data backup service versus traditional onsite solutions:

Economic Benefits

- No establishment hardware or software charges. - Constantly updated back-up software. Thanks to online data backup services being subscription based services, modern technological innovations in backup software are at your fingertips without the need to find the money for extra software maintenance or advances. - Dynamic expansion of online backup storage containers permits your online backup solution to expand or shrink as needed without any subsequent supplemental costly hardware or IT expenses. - Online data backup services are often charged from month to month creating more monthly cash flow when compared to purchasing a common on-site back up solution with straight up price ranges starting in the thousands.

Functional Benefits

- Secure offsite storage containers of backed up computer data. All of the backed up data will be stored securely within the cloud on high redundancy storage. - Automated backups with no human involvement necessary. - Extensive reporting and notification methods, allowing the operator to be advised of their data backup status. - Centralised data backup for multiple server or multiple site environments.

Migrating into an online data backup solution in the cloud, either now or perhaps in the not to distant future, is a practicable inexpensive solution within reach of all SME's. You should consider the technology and put into practice a secure, dependable and flexible online data backup service for your organisations critical data today. It makes business sense.

Want to find out more about Online Data Backup Services, then visit AUS-IP SecurVault's site on how to choose the best cloud backup service for your needs.

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  1. Didias says:

    This is a very great story.I love the one i use called Safecopy backup.They offer great remote backup services.

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