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Have you ever heard of a software named win antivirus? If not, then you must know that this software is a fake. Thus far Win Antivirus has fried up a lot of computers costing a lot of money to its buyers. If you do not believe me then I would suggest that you try it yourself, you will know what is going to happen.

in Antivirus is a very smart virus on its own. When you install it, it will get its files embedded in your registry and this is when your computer will start to choke. You will see that the time it was taking to start your computer, pulling up different files or folders are now taking a lot of time.

You might think that your computer is infected by something, not knowing that you have installed a virus yourself. Looking at the statistics and the increased number of clients who are contacting us to repair their computers through our website at computer repair, it is of utmost importance to let you know that you DO NOT INSTALL Win Antivirus on your computer.

ou might be thinking that we are crazy to let people know this fact, as this is directly going to affect our business, but looking at the damage this software is making, we felt that it is our responsibility to educate the users throughout the world. Don’t worry about us, we have a lot of different projects that we are currently working on.

t is an information that should not be limited only to you but it is a word that must be spread to all your friends and colleagues and family members so that they do not put their computers and their precious work at risk by installing Win Antivirus on their computers. The worst case scenario is when people use different softwares to remove Win Antivirus and in turn causing more damage to their computers.

t is recommended that you do not worsen an already aggravated situation. I know it is going to cost you money getting your computer fixed, but it will be much much less than buying a new computer and this thing can happen to your new computer as well. So just do not risk your computer. For more information on the removal of this threat or for a little profetional help come check out our Remove Virus site.

ust make the right choice, where the decision is all yours..

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