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The Popular Myths Surrounding Computer Viruses And Ways To Deal Around Them

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Since all kinds of activities are somehow related with computers nowadays, it could be a highly irritating experience when your computer stops operating. It is no surprise that this often happens and there are a number of reasons behind it, with viruses being one of them. With the wide usage of internet, viruses have found an easy way to reach your computer. Ironically, the best way to keep out the computer viruses is also facilitated by the internet, as you could update the antivirus program online.

Generally, people do not understand the real meaning of Computer Viruses, which has led to the development of some myths about them. As an example, most people think that a simple anti-virus installation is the final solution to keep their computer safe and free from viruses. But, since new and advanced viruses keep developing every day, you need to update your antivirus timely in order to protect your computer.

Another popular myth among people is that every time the computer stops functioning, a virus is the reason. This very rarely happens because viruses themselves require computers to carry out their operations. This myth is similar to another misconception among people that viruses could also put down hardware. This is quite hard for viruses to achieve, so most of the Computer Viruses only target computer software.

Finally, some people believe that most data files and pictures hide the viruses. However, most viruses hide inside programs which are executable unlike data files which are not. Remember, pictures require certain programs to read them.

With so much misinformation and myths surrounding these troublesome programs called Computer Viruses, the question still remains unanswered that how could one save a computer from viruses? Installing antivirus program and setting up firewalls can tremendously help you in saving your computer against virus attacks from the internet. Configuring the firewall properly is also an important aspect, because it can sometimes block the antivirus program from automatically updating its versions from the internet.

In addition to internet, flash drives also harbor malicious programs that could be transferred from one computer to another. Your antivirus software is sure to give you the vital protection, but adding special software to scan the flash drives helps you additionally in protecting the computer.

It is a general conception that most of the viruses are designed by antivirus companies that want to further their business, but the fact is that these malicious programs originate from such individuals who have nothing else to do better. Such individuals are always engaged in designing advanced Computer Viruses just to prove that they could do it, which leads to larger problems.

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