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Internet Security

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What is "internet security"?

Communication on the internet is constantly under the threat of attack from such sources as unauthorized access and message modifications. Internet security is the avoidance of unauthorized access and/or damage to computer systems via internet access.

What is the need for internet security?

There is a need to protect your PC from viruses and spyware that can delete files or corrupt your computer. In today’s complex and ever changing world, the need for Internet security increased dramatically, due to a variety of fraudulent activities related to password management, such as identity theft, phishing attacks and so on. This is due to the fact that most people can only remember a handful of passwords and therefore use the same combination of username and password for all protected web access. This leads, however, to low system security.

How to counter internet security threats?

Even if your computer isn't used for anything critical you need to run security software such as an antivirus and a firewall. These programs will keep your computer "hidden" from prying eyes over the internet, as well as protected from viruses and other malware that can be spread through email or other methods. You also need to make sure you're familiar with the different types of security threats so you can deal with them if they ever come up.

Some tips to strengthen your internet security

 Download anti spyware
 Run anti virus software
 Avoid opening unknown emails
 Be extremely cautious of free downloads
 Do not download and run Activex control unless you know it otherwise there is a danger of viruses with it.
 Do not fall to flashing banners saying that your PC has been infected by so and so viruses and you need to buy the product to get complete protection
 Turn on the feature of automatic updates that are provided by operating systems
 Stay away from annoying pop-up ads
 Download and install internet security suite software
 Back-up your data

Selecting an optimal internet security solution

The modern internet security solution has to provide a full protection against all the traditional threats, but it also has to offer deep protection, monitoring the very heart of the computer at all times, anticipating everything that might be a sign of danger in the computer and preventing any such activity, preferably without the need for user intervention.

Some of the companies providing internet security solutions are Kaspersky, Quick Heal, Norton, Avast, VeriSign, McAfee, F-secure, IBM, ISS, eScan, AVG, Sonic wall etc.,

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