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Google Drive – Do we really need more of these cloud storage services?

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"Google Drive" is one of the latest google services now available in the market, in short, you can now store up to 5GB of your data on google servers entirely free of charge. And If you need more storage capacity it would then cost you up to $2.5/month to secure up to 25GB storage capacity.

This google drive service is available on:

  • Mac, PC
  • Chrome OS
  • Android Services
  • Iphone and Ipad (soon to come)

Here is Google Drive Demo Video:

As google is strengthening its muscle and look to acquire more business from prospective customers worldwide via their latest service release, the question that we are mainly going to focus on, is whether cloud computing is the right choice for the privacy of your data! Considering all the hacking scandals and security breaches that we often read about not least when it comes Gary Mckinnon, or the 15 year teenage accused of hacking 259 firms and going on to social media network networks and to boast about his exploits. There are even political activists group such as Anonymous Group that are just too happy to take down government website just to make a point.

The point being is to say that all those 259 firms, the pentagon and uk government website that have been hacked into for a variety of reasons were fully secured, at least most of them were, but it certainly does not stop the most persistent and skillful hackers from getting in, and if they can hack into those institution that most would think as very secure, what makes you think that leaving your personal information such as family pictures, music, videos, or bank account details for that matter, what makes you think it would be fully secure using this new google drive service?

Its true, as computer users, we all come to use imperfect system that often crash, and we often loose our data if we have not made the appropriate computer backups regardless of the operating system that we use pc or mac, but surely, in this ever increasing digital age, the right thing to do is to use rely less on cloud storage and more on old fashion data backup through your external hard drive , or even use data recovery services to ensure your data always remain safe and far from the reach of internet users.

Having said the above,  I fully acknowledge that in this era, the method of data storage that i am referring to above is well and truly outdated, cloud computing is going to be the choice of the many and not the few, simply because its does bring the convenience that we are all after, and consequences are only thought about after a dramatic experience has come to impact us. To those of you that do take the time to read this article, you may have your own views on this topic, and i would certainly appreciate to have your opinion on this. Do tell us, about your experiences, do tell us whether like I, you are a traditionalist, or you much rather use the cloud computing, because the risks are not outweighed by the benefits!

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