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Growing UAE Economy: Attraction For Jobseekers Around The World

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Job services UAE

World’s job market is moving up slowly after long recession period that hampered economy of many countries badly. UAE and its famous areas like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are popular from long time in the world’s job market.

Many people migrate here to share the contribution in their rapidly growing economy. Many job services UAE help foreigners to find best jobs in UAE. Latest reports for employment in UAE are very encouraging and show that its employment rate is growing steadily and unemployment rate in declining continuously.

Job services UAE offers numerous fascinating jobs for people around the world in many fields like IT, healthcare, teaching, sales, marketing etc. Recent expansion in Dubai airlines has created lots of job opportunities in coming time. Upcoming UAE economy is attracting many job seekers to take help of job services UAE to find good opportunity to work in UAE.

Recent news is great news for job seekers. UAE is liberalizing its telecommunication sector in coming days. As per news, UAE is agreed to give customers to select telecommunication service providers. This will encourage competition in telecommunication industry for their services. This ultimately leads to produce number of job openings in marketing and customer service sectors in telecommunication industry.

According to April 2010 job index survey, 56% UAE employers had plans for hiring human resources in coming quarters and most of these jobs would be in telecommunication sector. All these notions show that there is vast scope for growth in this sector and telecommunication companies not only compete for customers but also for talented employees that can enhance their success and services.

Recently UAE announced about launching nationalization plan in next week. This plan is initiative to help citizens as well as to support foreign workers. As per this plan, private sector is forced to give jobs to citizens and foreign workers can switch their jobs without leaving UAE.

The Ministry of labor declared that this new plan also take initiatives to support foreign workers by introducing wage protection system and improving recruitment centers. It further assured foreign workers that this plan does not put any threat to foreign workers in Gulf.

On the other hand, if private sector managed to accommodate Saudi job seekers with them, there will be continuous need of more foreign labor in this sector. This scheme is mainly introduced to reorganize labor market and balance job distribution ratios in market. Saudi labor minister Adel Faqih proclaimed that more than 300,000 local companies would be classified to help in this effort.

Latest economy news reveal that UAE is no longer among the top ten default probables. As UAE economy is growing rapidly from five months of 2011 as shown by Emirates airline’s recent expansion plans. Now, Dubai’s 5 year credit default swaps (CDS) dropped below 325 point on 3rd June. Now investors will no longer consider Dubai debt among riskiest debt and will definitely help UAE economy to gain faith from investors to boost its economy.

All these news are encouraging people to go for job services UAE and take advantage of this booming economy in the world.

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