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How bad is unemployment in UK?

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Unemployment has never been such a big issue with the developed countries the way it has been in the last 3 to 4 years. Since 2009 it has been the worst and till date it has only seen a rise in the already ever growing issue of unemployment. The earlier data clearly reflects that in 2009 nearly 1/3rd of the unemployed people were under the age of 25, showing the birth of Youth unemployment.

Even with the passing phase and slowly but improving situation of global economy, there has been nearly no improvement in the situation of unemployment in youth. London being the worst affected in youth unemployment, the graphs have shown that central London only consisted of nearly 14% of the total percentage of youth unemployment.

A simple explanation to the meaning of unemployment means a person who has the interest and ready to work, but are unable to find work and are suffering from the effects of recession. Youth unemployment has become an incurable disease which is now eating away into the world economy, and with the coming month’s economist believe that there is going to be a further increase in the rate of youth unemployment.

January itself has seen the figure of 2.53 million youth who are jobless in UK. With further cuts in jobs in the public sector, and the private sector being in ominous situation the condition of youth employment is unable to see any improvement as the present situation. Companies have been known to try their best at working towards retaining of their current staff and trying their best at making sure that no more employees of their firms become jobless.

Unemployment is not just a social stigma or an illness it is a economic disaster, and any country be it an underdeveloped economy or a developing economy or a developed economy all of them have known to suffer the adverse affects of the unemployment.

The prospects for 2012 are seeing a very discouraging bloom with the loss of jobs in the UK going only on the rise and the ever exceeding number of unemployment. Looking at this the economist in UK is Marjory fearing the rise of unemployment in youth. Youth unemployment has always been the major reasons for the downfall of Governments leading to unrest and opposition among the youth. Over the last few decades, the growing unrest in smaller and under developed countries has only been because of unemployment among the youth of the country.

With economists and experts still dwelling whether we have come out of recession or not or we are getting into another recession, the situation remains grim and worrying to say the least. Although its global trend the UK job market seems have to problems ahead.

The government on its part is creating opportunities for jobs. The 2012 London Olympics is generating a big opportunity for various jobs. Therefore, the jobless or fresh job seekers should search for jobs UK and around. More and better opportunities will come along. Its time when the marketplace needs support from job seekers and job creators alike to create balance between the socio-economic crisis that the whole globe seems to be undergoing at the moment.

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