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Google’s Algorithm Content Changes: Context and Relevancy

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Google’s latest algorithm changes have sent SEO services into tizzy. The biggest change has been in terms of content context and relevancy. They have also targeted spammy content farms and links emanating out of them. SEOs use these links to generate traffic on their site. With Google’s new algorithm, the market has suddenly awoken to the fact that spamming or content farming is not going to help anymore. Only positively written natural and organic content will win the ultimate accolades from Google. SEO has been redefined.

Search engine optimization is a marketing mechanism for online trading and commerce. It isn’t as simple as it seems, there is always an X factor, which needs to be taken into consideration while accessing to any marketing tool. Constructing a website, access to a search engine and get the desired ranking, it isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Search engine optimization procedure has a bigger impact on the association between the site and its surfers. The most important benefit of search engine optimization is constructing a bridge of trust between the site and its users. Every search engine has a set of guidelines, which they have laid down for their clients, which are based on making the site more surfer/user friendly. Search engines have always laid huge emphasis on improving user experience and accuracy of the content on the site.

Keywords play a big role while setting up with a SEO, search and use of the right keywords is very vital. While setting up the site, it is very pivotal for the SEO’S to scan page by page information of the website to access to maximum number of keywords. Stuffing the domain with too many keywords can also have ill effects for ones site, not realizing that unnecessary usage of keywords can put your sight in negative light in front of potential users.

Over optimized keywords appear crammed and spammy. The content on the search engine looks over emphasized and deliberate, to attract user attention. We have to realize that people researching with search engine optimization are well educated and qualified and we are processing content for them to access to. Unnecessarily honey coated words will lead to negative influence and in turn devalue your site.

Usage of keywords is not meant to diminish your site, while writing content it is more fundamental to first write the matter and then see where and how to fit in the keywords.

Search engine optimization is a total waste of effort, unnecessary over eagerness may lead to undervaluing of all your efforts in making your site a user initiating well informed and high-quality content site. A neat and tidy site with only essential keywords is the basic rule that needs to be followed by search engine optimizers. Professionals search engine optimizers are amazing sellers their only agenda is to hook up as many as clients for their search engines, in this many a times a lot of criteria’s are over looked.

Google is looking at webmasters and SEO Consultants to play the right game to achieve high rankings on its search engine. Its not about finding loopholes into the search systems and spiders anymore. Google and for that matter all search engines are looking for relevant content to generate fondness for such sites and rank them higher.

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