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Google+ – an Indian answer to Facebook

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Social networking is now getting co-ordinated with Google. Till now you must have got clarity about the black strip appearing on your Google sites and your friend’s mug shots popping up on your Gmail account. These are the basic understated signs of Google developing a new social networking product and it is an answer to Facebook. Google+ is a company selectively released on Tuesday which is said to be more private, smarter and at the same time more pervasive as compared to other social networking sites. It can also be combined with your mail, search and news functions.

According to Google it is just a nice way to be in touch. Every single day we are making a connection with different people with a smile, laugh, whisper or cheer. Gundotra, an earlier Microsoft expert of Indian origin led efforts of Google for social media. The profile of Gundotra on Google+ says that he fell in love with the power of software at age of 11 and is still in love with it. With Google+ you will be able to form exclusive group of friends, neighbours, colleagues and even mad ones. Google+ consists of a ‘spark’ option that enables you to have conversation on hobbies and attractions. Another option ‘hangout’ helps you to interact with people in the way you do in pub or font porch such as stop and say hello.

Google+ enables you to make addition of your location to every post, uploading of photos as well as group messages in order to play or party with a mobile version. Alike to the first days of Gmail where very few people were able to see it a buzz is getting created around for developing interest in the users. A social networking observer named Aravind in Bangalore said Google+ is something that has come after Google network options such as Orkut and Buzz which did not go viral. The principal research analyst conveys that they are trying to add some kind of novelty to the Google+. They say it is better to rebuilt and remarket. The creators of Google+ say they want to replicate the success of Facebook.

By making money through friendship Facebook is threatening Google an older company that made business with search. In the month of May Google was the first web property that crossed one billion unique visitors which was around 8 per cent increase in the annual growth. As compared to other sites Facebook showed faster growth and turned as 43 per cent of growth over the past year. Google is the site that is making more money in comparison to any other company. Due to the mobile boom also Google has achieved a lot of success. More filters are explained in Google+ as compared to Facebook.

Facebook is going to face a challenge produced by Google+ as soon as it starts inviting registrations. Google+ is a very good SEO strategy applied to get best results for the business as well as companies. With the best SEO strategy, Goole+ have put a step ahead towards social media environment.

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  1. Elsie says:

    Thanks a lot for trying to explain the terminlogy for the starters!

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