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Google+ – What exactly it is

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Google+ is still in composition of an invite user only base but tech reporters have been concluded into the fold. The creators of the Google+ are playing with it all morning. People all around who are united with social networking have been gathered and discussed on the research of Google+. It has been said that Google+ will allow you to have group contact in circles. The creator of Facebook Zuckerberg is also on Google+ but as seen from the profile picture it can be said he is not that thrilled to be on Google+. There are no guessing about who invited him to join but it is said that even the Google founders are not yet involved in the circles.

Google+ is said to be a real-life sharing rethought for the web. It is said that sharing something on web is a huge part but being a part of it is not that tough. Creators are still working on certain things so that they can add few things to Google. The main aim of Google+ is not only to add people on the web but they want people to connect more similar to the real world. They are just in want of people liking of what they have cooked so far. They ask people to stay tune to the Google+ because there is lot to come ahead.

You are in a work of sharing lots of things with the people on web. But it is very necessary for you to share right kind of thing with the right type of people so in such case it is very necessary for you to share the things without any annoyance. With Google+ you get a facility known as circles. With circles it is possible for you to create different circles for different group of peoples. You can create one circle for your Saturday night friends and another for your parents and third for your boss and so on as you do in your real life.

Google+ is going to make you remember the time of your grandparents. Those time people use to cut circles from the newspapers about the articles and stories given out and use to keep them for their children to read. In the similar manner the option Spark in Google+ is going to do for you. Spark look for the videos and articles which you will like and post them for you to read whenever you are free and want to spend time with the option. You will be able to read, watch and share articles whenever you are free.

With hangout option you will be able to know about the plans for your friend by which you can give him a surprise meet. You are able to make instant upload of your photos about special moments. You can easily share them with your friends and family. People living far distant away from their country, friends, family can easily have a connection with Google+. Certain privacy and huddle options are also provided by Google+ so that there should not be any kind of misuse of the site.

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