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Wi-Fi Alliance – global standards implementation thoughts

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To sort the issues about the standards of Wi-Fi roaming, the Wi-Fi alliance has joined the wireless broadband group, taking into consideration the standards of the wireless industry. The major concept behind improving the standard of the service is to give better customer service as and when the customer starts with his mobile device, it should automatically detect the nearest wireless network. But this will work similarly to the cellular networks; the end user has to activate the roaming service of the home network so that they can easily use the wireless services of the service provider.

Though the concept looks simple on paper, but it is complicated to act on. The Wi-Fi service provider can refer to the roaming services provided cellular networks to its users that can help them to remain in network even outside the local area. To go for this plan, Extensible Authentication Protocol standard is required so that end users can roam in a secured and authentic network without too much concerned about the user ids and passwords.

Special devices are designed which will support the roaming facility to the home end user. These devices will be placed in the public hotspots and will be marked with certified Wi-Fi hotspot. This logo will be provided from Wi-Fi alliance to the Wireless network providers. But the wireless network providers are not intense to show the certified logo to the networks that are under complaints, considering all the available network providers will join the standard.
The cellular network providers that allow the roamed to network do not have access to the encryption keys that are used to authenticate the users. Because of the Extensible

Authentication Protocol (EAP), the service provider will be able to authenticate the encryption keys; it is generally based on the GSM SIM cards that can be found in almost all the wireless devices. With roaming, the cellular network providers will still have problem over some of the content present on the other network.

The service providers are still trying to restrict the content of the network to provide more secured network for its users. It is even required to understand the cost required for every user to pay for the roaming service is still under consideration. The tariff rate is going to be different than that of the cellular roaming tariffs. The wireless network providers do not want their customers to pay the cost according to the minutes they are using the network. But there are still many providers who want to imply the tariff rates based on per minute.

There are many small issues that are about to resolve regarding the roaming facility in the Wi-Fi networks. With the introduction of roaming will surely change many equations and will simplify the work of the end users for using the wireless networks more efficiently and effectively and can use most of the features appropriately.

It is expected that the Wi-Fi alliance will bring the roaming facility at low cost that can benefit the end users as well as the wireless network providers.

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