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Hardware desktop & laptop upgrade

Desktop /Laptop upgrades support

We will help you upgrade your laptop and desktop personal computers. PC components connect like building blocks. Component sizes, screw threads, mounting hole positions, cable connectors, and so on are standardized, so you needn't worry about whether something will fit.

There are minor exceptions, of course. For example, some small cases accept only half-height or half-length expansion cards. There are important details, certainly. If you're upgrading your processor, for example, you must verify that your current motherboard supports the new processor.

Desktop PC and Laptop upgrades Service

Hardware upgrades are the more cost efficient alternative against a new computer. If your pc or laptop is only a few years old but seems to be struggling a bit with all the new 'starving' programs, a quick upgrade could be just a solution!

PC hardware and laptop hardware upgrades includes:

  • More memory upgrade - To get things moving a bit faster
  • Bigger hard drive upgrade - For more storage space
  • Graphics card upgrade - For the latest games etc.
  • DVD Writer upgrade - For back up, movies & music etc.

Not all systems would greatly benefit from hardware upgrades, especially if they are becoming out of date. Older components get more expensive as demand reduces.

PC hardware upgrades have become so frequent that customers with six to 12 month installations have been asking for guarantees that the hardware they install at the end of the process will still be compatible with the boxes they set up at the start. Changes in BIOS and software driver updates all make it harder and more expensive to effectively manage the environment. Upgrading a PC is much easier than upgrading a laptop from the standpoint of getting the case open. The parts are much cheaper, easier to install and extremely compatible, unlike notebook parts which are usually brand and model specific.

Save My System Upgrade Services

We provide pc hardware upgrades in London and laptop hardware upgrades in London. We provide Pc hardware upgrades in London and laptop hardware upgrades in London. We provide pc hardware upgrades in London which include some of the services like upgrades of models of personal computers. Being full service providers, we cover the entire spectrum of services in PC repair and upgrade. Our services primarily cover hardware upgrades / installation, operating system updates, PC setup / installation, motherboard replacement, data recovery, data backup, Internet access issues, wired / wireless networking issues, virus and spyware cleaning and prevention, software installation and issues accessing printers and scanners.

Our company has a team of software and hardware engineers, who have profound knowledge and experience in their respective fields. With the help of the team, we are able to provide their customers with pc upgrades in London, laptop upgrades in London and universally top quality services at reasonable rates. There are a few upgrades you can make to a used laptop computer that will really improve the value and your ability to run software and actually use the thing. The good news is that as long as your laptop has USB 1.1 or better connectivity, you can use pretty much the same peripherals as brand new notebooks. The bad news is if your laptop doesn't have any USB ports it's going to be a challenge doing anything new with it.

Desktop Computers - Most popular upgrades
  • Install card reader
  • Replace keyboard/mouse
  • Add/replace memory
  • Upgrade CPU heatsink/fan
  • Replace the audio adapter
  • Add USB flash drive
  • Replace the speakers
  • Replace video adapter
  • Install external hard driver
  • Install DVD writer
  • Replace power supply
  • Add/replace hard drive
  • Install secure wireless networking
  • Install a video capture card
  • Replace motherboard
  • Upgrade processor
  • Replace the display
Some of the supported laptop Models
Toshiba Laptop Systems
HP Laptops Systems
  • Compaq Armada Notebook
  • Compaq Concerto
  • Compaq Contura
  • Compaq Evo Notebook
  • Compaq LTE
  • Compaq Portable
  • Compaq Presario Notebook
  • Compaq SLT
  • HP Compaq Notebook
  • HP G Notebook
  • HP OmniBook Notebook
  • HP Pavilion Notebook
  • HP Special Edition Notebook
  • Rugged Notebook
  • Equium A100 Series
  • Equium A200 Series
  • Satellite A100 Series
  • Satellite A200 Series
  • Satellite L30 Series
  • Satellite P100 Series
  • Satellite P200 Series
  • Satellite Pro A100 Series
  • Satellite Pro A120 Series
  • Satellite Pro A120Vista Series
  • Satellite Pro P100 Series
  • Satellite Pro U200 Series
  • Satellite U200 Series
  • Qosmio F30 Series
  • Qosmio G30 Series
  • Tecra A8 Series
  • Tecra M5 Series
  • Tecra M7 Series
  • Tecra M9 Series
  • Portégé M400 Series
  • Portégé R Series
  • Portégé R400 Series
VAIO Laptops Systems
Dell Laptops Systems
  • XPS M2010
  • XPS M1710
  • XPS M1210
  • Inspiron 9400
  • Inspiron 640m Dual Core
  • Inspiron 6400
  • Inspiron 1501
  • Latitude D420
  • AR Series
  • C Series
  • BX Series
  • FE Series
  • FZ Series
  • G Series
  • N Series
  • UX Series
  • SZ Series
  • TX Series
Desktop PC and Laptop upgrades Service
HP Desktop Systems
  • Compaq Business Desktop
  • Compaq Deskpro
  • Compaq Desktop Gaming
  • Compaq Evo Desktop
  • Compaq iPAQ
  • Compaq Presario Desktop
  • Compaq ProLinea
  • Compaq ProSignia
  • HP Brio
  • HP Business Desktop
  • HP Compaq Business Desktop
  • HP e-PC
  • HP Media Center Desktop
  • HP Multimedia
  • HP Pavilion Desktop
  • HP TouchSmart Desktop
  • HP Vectra 500
  • HP Vectra PCs (QS/386/486) HP Vectra
Dell Desktops Systems
  • Dimension C521
  • Dimension E521
  • Dimension E520
  • 9200
  • Dimension XPS 710
  • Dimension XPS 210
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