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Full System Backup and Recovery Services

Files Back up in London

Data Backup and Recovery London

In an era where we have more and more data to store, today more than ever before, we need backup solutions in order to backup our entire system.
We can help you backup a single partition, specific data or the entire hard drive. Should any major virus or spyware affect your PC, you will no longer have to worry, about losing your windows CDROM, or losing the installation programs and settings that came with your computer.
Backup your system before it is too late. That will save you money and hassle in the future.
If you have vital data in your system that you cannot afford losing, then this is the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is to drop us a line and we will go through the process with you.

What do data Backup and Recovery mean?

Data Backup

Data backup engages storing of files from your computer in another location. In this way, if there is ever any loss of data on your primary machine, you still have your data backup in order to restore those files. There are numerous options for data backup, and you will have to choose the one that is best for you.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is a process wherein software recovers your lost or damaged files and folders from partitioned hard disk drives.

When Do you need Data Backup and Recovery

Data, one of the most significant aspects of our computer systems as you accumulate it after months and sometimes years of efforts. The prospect of a failure is lower these days due to upcoming technologies and improved reliabilities. Still you don't want to risk your most popular documents, music, emails, addresses, bookmarked sites, logs, software utilities, man hours of settings and customizations etc. Such loss might befall on an ill-equipped user by a range of events such as hardware failure, software bugs, natural calamity, and accidents. Mishandling and sheer ignorance on user's part are also responsible for causing data loss. Though it is alleged that 90% of data losses are attributed to data corruption or user errors, other factors also pose a risk and apart from being a smart user, you should also go for data backup. Server backup is equally important for information systems which are mission critical, as in the corporate world, in production lines running 24/7, in global financial establishments, in academia, research, etc. Hence under all these circumstances you need data back up and recovery services. Both the terms data back up and recovery go on hand in hand together.

Data back and recovery is very basic need for any user. Unless you have a proficient data back up and recovery system you cannot survive on hardware crashes. Data being in electronic form in very hard to recover. Hence you should take utmost care when you prepare for hiring data back and recovery services.

Data back up and recovery services are available and are availed by companies spanning from a wide range from large firms to small shops and from totally dedicated shops to firms offering a broad array of computer-related products and services. We will only charge you if they are successful in recovering some data. If we can't help you with your data problem, we usually won't charge you.

The data backup and recovery Services include:
  • Byte caching to avoid data duplication
  • Bandwidth control to make sure backups get the resources they need, when they need them
  • TCP optimisations to overcome latency-induced bandwidth limitations
  • Desktop acceleration software to provide roaming or displaced users with fast application access, regardless of distance or network routing complexities
  • Data recovery services
  • Hard drive repair, backup software
  • Computer forensics
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