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Software Support Services

Software Update

Save my system provides all kinds of update and upgrade services customized to your needs.

Software update is a software tool offered by companies that installs the latest version of the existing software on your computers running on various platforms. Software update automatically informs users of new updates. Software updates generally consist of additional updates of the operating system and its applications, security updates, device drivers and firmware software updates. All software updates require a password, as with all significant system changes. Some software updates like windows update software require a system restart. Microsoft provides services like Software Update Services is a no-charge add-in component for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 that is designed to greatly simplify the process of keeping computers in your organization up to date with the latest critical updates, security updates, and service packs.

Generally software updates are provided based on some agreed terms and conditions. A software update contract is the contract mechanism by which customers can automatically benefit from new versions of companies’ products as they are released. A software update contract is very valuable. In fact, it may be vital for the success of a project. Technology changes rapidly. Microsoft and other operating system developers regularly release new versions of their platform technology that is incompatible with prior versions.

Software Upgrade

Save my system provides all kinds of update and upgrade services customized to your needs.

The term software upgrade is frequently used in computing and consumer electronics, generally meaning a replacement of hardware, software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics. Software upgrade is also used by audiophiles to describe the replacement of a product with a better quality product with the aim of bringing enhancements to sound quality.

The difference between a software upgrade and a software update can be confusing.

A software update is made available by free download to customers as a fix for a bug in the software or it is a minor enhancement to the software. Software updates sometimes include new drivers which support the latest hardware such as printers, CD drives and the like. A software update is also known as a patch, because it is applied over software that you already have installed. A software update is not a full software package.

A software upgrade is a purchase of a newer version of software you currently use. For example, if you currently use Tally 7.2 and you buy and install Tally 8.1, you’ve just upgraded your software.
Firmware Software
User-upgradable firmware software is a feature found in many modern devices. Firmware software is a kind of software which is stored in the device itself and is used to control most hardware functions. The advantage of firmware software is that if you buy a peripheral and if the manufacturer subsequently improves the product, you can simply upgrade the product. User-upgradable firmware software is a benefit to the end user, who can make simple updates in a matter of minutes without having to send in the product or even up open the computer.
Windows software Update:
Windows Software Update Services is a version of Software Update Services (SUS). It was released in the second half of 2005. Windows Software Update Services extend the capabilities of SUS to enable updating of various versions of Office, SQL Server, Exchange, and additional Microsoft products over time, in addition to updating the versions of the Windows operating systems supported by SUS. Windows Software Update Services delivers some additional benefits:


  • Built-in update status assessment and reporting
  • Dramatically increased IT productivity
  • Greater administrative control
  • Reduced IT costs

IT and Marketing Services :
Website Hosting Services
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