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Windows Vista Help And Support

Windows Vista
We can support, upgrade, install and troubleshoot any vista related problems such as:
  • Vista Broadband Internet support
  • Vista Software Program compatibility issue
  • Vista Wireless network support
  • Vista security support
  • Email problems with vista
  • Vista Hardware Drivers issues
  • Vista Dual booting Support
  • Vista Itunes support
  • Vista Audio and Video media support

We recommend dual booting your Vista operating system with previous version of windows such as windows XP and windows 2000 in the event that you want to preserve software programs or utilities that are not compatible with window vista.
We will also provide you free advice on vista minimum hardware requirement.
Windows Vista operating system

Windows Vista operating system developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers includes home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media centers. Windows Vista operating system was launched more than five years after the introduction of its predecessor, Windows XP, the longest time span between successive releases of Microsoft Windows. Windows Vista operating system contains many changes and new features, including an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Windows Aero, improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as Windows DVD Maker, and redesigned networking, audio, print, and display sub-systems. Windows Vista operating system also intends to increase the level of communication between machines on a home network, using peer-to-peer technology to simplify sharing files and digital media between computers and devices. Windows Vista includes version 3.0 of the .NET Framework.

Microsoft Windows XP software includes Windows Security Center, which contains a firewall, as well as anti-spyware. Microsoft Windows XP software is by far the most advanced software ever created. But some remarkable Microsoft windows xp software features and components have been substituted or eliminated in Windows Vista operating system, including Windows Messenger, the network Messenger Service, HyperTerminal, MSN Explorer, Active Desktop, and the replacement of NetMeeting with Windows Meeting Space.

Windows Vista operating system comes in six editions. These are generally divided into two target markets, consumer and business, with editions varying to cater for specific sub-markets. For consumers, there are four editions, with three available for developed countries.

Windows Vista operating system Starter edition is limited to emerging markets. Windows Vista operating system Home Basic is intended for budget users with low needs.

Windows Vista operating system Home Premium covers the majority of the consumer market. For businesses, there are two versions.

Windows Vista operating system Business is specifically designed for small businesses, while Windows Vista Enterprise, the premium business edition is only available to customers participating in Microsoft's Software Assurance program. Windows Vista operating system Ultimate contains the complete feature-set and is aimed at enthusiasts.

All editions except Windows Vista Starter support both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) processor architectures.

Microsoft recommends a tool called the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to assist Microsoft windows xp software and Windows Vista operating system users in determining what versions of Windows their machine is capable of running. Though the installation media included in retail packages is a 32-bit DVD, customers without a DVD-ROM or customers who wish for a 64-bit install media are able to acquire this media through the Windows Vista Alternate Media program. The final edition includes both 32-bit and 64-bit media.

Windows Vista Versions Highlights

View computer details .Click this icon to read, in the top pane of the Welcome Centre, the tech specs of your computer: its name, how much memory it has, what processor chip is inside, which graphics card you have, and so on.

Transfer files and settings .The Vista program called Windows Easy Transfer is a substantially beefed-up version of the old Files & Settings Transfer Wizard. Its purpose is to transfer files and settings from an older PC.

Add new users .If you're the lord of the manor, the sole user of this computer, you can ignore this little item. But if you and other family members, students, or workers share this computer, then see below about how to set up a separate account (name, password, and working environment) for each person:Choose Start > Control Panel, and then, under User Accounts and Family Safety, click "Add or remove user accounts."
Microsoft is advising everyone to use a standard account as opposed to an administrator account because, from vista, it's now possible to make important changes from a standard account so long as you have an administrator password. You will be prompted to enter an administrator account password when ever you need to make very important changes. And the benefit of using a standard account, is that you don't put your whole system at risk, should it be infected by a virus or spy-ware.

Personalize Windows .Sure, sure, eventually you'll be plotting rocket trajectories and mapping the genomebut let's not kid ourselves. The first order of business is decorating: choosing your screen saver, replacing the desktop background (wallpaper), choosing a different cursor shape, adjusting your monitor resolution, and so on. Double-click here to open the appropriate control panel.

Double-click to open the electronic help screen whose articles cover the very basics of your PC: how to use the mouse, how to turn off the computer, and so on.

Various Versions of Windows Vista Compared
Backup (scheduled) NO YES YES YES YES
Shadow copy client NO NO YES YES YES
Backup (network-based) NO YES YES YES YES
Encrypted file system (EFS) NO YES YES YES YES
Supports migration from XP YES YES YES YES YES
Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) YES YES YES YES YES
Aero glass, animations,Visual effects YES YES YES YES YES
Unlimited screen resolution support YES YES YES YES YES
Productivity Features (rolodex, tab previews, task bar previews) NO YES YES YES YES
Fast User Switching (FUS) YES YES YES YES YES
RDP/Remote Desktop NO NO YES YES YES
Windows meeting space (ad hoc p2p meetings, people discovery, presentation broadcast) NO NO YES YES YES
Windows Web Server (optional) NO NO YES YES YES
Windows Fax Client NO NO YES(Opt) YES(Opt) YES(Opt)
DVD Video Authoring NO YES NO NO YES
Media Center (including Extender and games) NO YES YES YES YES
Number of remote media center sessions supported YES YES YES YES YES
Movie Maker HD(high definition)Publishing NO NO YES YES YES
Advanced photography features (e.g. fine-gain editing) NO NO YES YES YES
Premium Games (3D chess, Shanghai solitaire) NO NO YES YES YES
Windows Media Player 11 and related components NO NO YES(Opt) YES(Opt) YES(Opt)
Number of supported network connections NO YES NO NO YES
Domain join support NO NO Yes Yes YES
1:1 Network projector support NO YES Yes Yes YES
SNMP Support YES(Opt) YES (Opt) YES (Opt) YES (Opt) YES (Opt)
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) YES YES YES YES YES
Mobility Center NO YES YES YES YES
Tablet PC Functionality NO YES (Opt) YES (Opt) YES (Opt) YES (Opt)
Auxiliary Display Support NO YES YES YES YES
Offline Folders with client-side caching NO No YES YES YES
Subsystem for UNIX-based applications (SUA) NO No NO YES (Opt) YES (Opt)
Secure Startup (Cornerstone) NO No NO Yes YES (Opt)
Multi-Language User Interface (MUI) NO NO NO YES YES (Opt)
Support 32-bit processors (x86) YES YES YES YES YES
Amount of RAM supported on 32-bit systems 8GB 16GB Max physical Max physical Max physical
Supports 64-bit processors (x64) YES YES YES YES YES
Amount of RAM supported on x64 systems 8GB 16GB 128GB+ 128GB+ 128GB+
Number of physical CPU's Supported 1 1 2 2 2
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