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Blog Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

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How to Subscribe to RSS Feed?

Our Feed will be delivered to you by Google Feed-burner services

Click on Subscribe To RSS Feed and then click on "Get IT and Online marketing Services delivered by email" from the top right hand corner within the "Subscribe now" box.
You must ensure you confirm your subscription email, otherwise the process wont work!

Can I post my own articles onto this blog?

Yes you can:

You can now register free of charge onto our blog services. When you register for the 1st time, a password will be sent to your email box, once you are logged in, you may start creating articles and submit them for approval.

It is however imperative for you to meet the following guidelines.

1- All your Articles must be about at least 1 of the below main subjects:

Information Technology (Data Recovery, Wireless Network, Security Hardware and Software Reviews, Microsoft Office, Office For Mac, Apple and Microsoft Products and Services and more...)

Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, Blogs, Forums, Pay Per Click, Social Media Reviews and more...)

Website Design Services (Content Management System "CMS", Customer Relationship Management "CRM" Software Reviews, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Reviews and Releases and more...)

Business (Global Job Market, Job Search Sites, Job Search Tools, Companies that are in employing a great number, Positions Becoming Available in some countries or areas, any useful reviews related to jobs will be more than welcome.)

2- Helpful, Informational, Technical, Products/Software/ Corporate Tech Websites reviews and Technology news breaking articles on the above subject matter will be very much welcome.

3- 500 minimum words for your articles are required

4- You may have only 1 text link, linking back to your own website unless its for a genuine intent of purpose to demonstrate a point within one of your articles on which case you may have more than one link

5- We already have a number of categories listed that should be able to cover the above mentioned subjects, having said that, if you feel that your articles could be best represented with different categories listing, please do send your suggestions through.

6- In order to avoid duplicated content, you will be required to select 1 category per submitted articles.

7- Re-written and spinned articles will be denied, unless you are adding values through your blog posts, don't bother because your articles will be removed.

8- Your content must be unique and you must hold the copy write of each and every element you submit on our blog

9- Sex, drugs and violence in your articles are strictly prohibited

10- Failure to meet our guidelines, your articles may be deleted without prior notice

11- Suspicion of abuse of our services could result in the deletion of your articles and your accounts with a possible permanent IP ban without notice

Why should you submit articles or comments on our blog?

Your Comments On the Sidebar

The Latest comments to the blog are automatically displayed on the sidebar, which will give you an automatic back link to your website. It goes without saying that your comments needs to be approved first before they appear on the sidebar, but if you are genuinely.

Tips to get your comments accepted:

Read the article article before commenting on it

Any comment deemed helpful, insightful, genuine will usually be accepted

You can Feature prominently on our blog

Any Contributor that has over 100 articles submitted and accepted onto our blog, will feature for a period of 3 months on the sidebar, which will provide you invaluable exposure to your articles and click through rate to your website. Bear in mind that your website will be linked to the thousands of valuable quality content pages you see on this blog absolutely free of charge.

Special Campaigns

We will periodically run special campaigns that will give you the option to earn the right to acquire highly rated information, that you will make the difference in your own business, regardless of your niche market

don't worry, this will be free 🙂

Do you use social media services?

Yes we do :

You may "follow" us on twitter: Save My System on Twitter

You may click on "like" from Facebook: Save My System on Facebook

You may "follow" us on Typepad: Save My System on Typepad

Find out more about our varieties of social platforms from the blog sidebar or just below the top navigation bar.


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